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Time to give up?

After playing this game for a few months, I am wondering if Warriors of Waterdeep is really a waste of my time. I made decent progress until about a month ago, when I reached level 10 or so. I seem to have hit a ceiling. PvP is nearly impossible. I can get 2 dice from Hidden Forge and 1 or 2 from Harvestshield challenges. In short, without Legendary gear for my characters, it’s impossible to win. But, since I refuse to pay real life money, I also can’t get legendary gear. So, I guess the game has become a waste.

I agree that it is tough to get legendary with a lot of serious grinding but it does happen, although very very rarely. I got a legendary in a 3 hour chest before and have seen a couple of others do the same. I am however at the point where I am considering going back into the play store and seeing if I can find a new game as well

Legendary gear is a trap choice for low dollar players. All the items cap out at the same power level as legendaries, so you are not at a huge disadvantage if you don’t use them. At your point in the game, just focus on upgrading epics and you will be able to clear Lightfinger Estate before you know it.


Rarity does not mean better. There are even common items better than legendaries. The game is a grind and a big one at that. You’ll make steady progress throughout, but gold is really the thing you’ll have to be mindful of. It takes a lot of repeatedly doing challenges, but that’s how you progress.

My suggestions to make the game easier from where you are now. Focus on getting tommas’ epic weapon and leveling it, it helps a lot for challenges. Habenet’s epic necklace is also a must, it will provide you enough healing. Make sure you build towards items you use. Usually having 2 ranged damage on top of what i mentioned is good, i personally use shevarith and saarvin. Shevarith’s epic tome is good for challenges, but her rare tome is better for pvp. You’ll progress eventually, but it comes slowly.

That’s it. The last 36 hours of frustration, especially with PvP, has been enough. I quit. Thanks to all of you who tried to help me out, I do appreciate it, but your kindness cannot counteract the really ridiculous aspects of the coding and unresponsiveness of the devs.

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