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Time to move to Level 20 VIPs?

Hi all,

I have been playing for a few months now and have accumulated a reasonable number of level 10 VIPs, as well as an assortment of Hybrids. My next goal is to see if I can improve my Tournament finishes.

Right now, I can comfortably finish in Predator and I got my first Dominator finish with the Stygimoloch tournament. However, that Dominator finish was really close and I had to grind through a ton of battles. With my current lineup, I can win ~70% of Predator level battles, but the win rate drops to ~20% or less for Dominator battles.

If I start leveling up the VIPs for which I have 2 or more dinos, as well as my Hybrids, I would be able to make the following lineup within a week or so (assuming the Creation Lab is not too cruel with failed evolutions):

2x 30 Stegoceratops (or 1x 40)
40 Ophiacomimus
20 Unayrhynchus
20 Eolambia
20 Styimoloch

20 Indominus Rex
20 Concavenator
20 Baryonyx
40 T-Rex

40 Pteradon
40 Tropeogopterus
30 Tapejalosaurus
20 Eudimorphodon

2x 40 Diplotator
40 Ichthyostega
20 Mastodonsaurus

Obviously, I can make more of the Legendaries and Hybrids, over time, but getting more level 20 VIPs will take time and luck with the Lottery and Gold VIP Packs. I can also avoid leveling each dino all the way up to 20/30/40 as needed to keep closer to ~4000 Ferocity across the board.

Anyway, I’d love some advice on whether or not the above crew would be deep enough to keep me in Dominator more reliably in future tournaments. I’m particularly concerned about the lack of strong Amphibians since I have yet to unlock any of the stronger Amphibian Hybrids or Tournaments. I’m also a huge fan of using Amphibians in the middle of my lineups. I could make a couple more level 40 Diplotators, but they would still be slightly underpowered at ~3560 Ferocity.

Any thoughts? Worth making the leap now, or should I wait for more VIPs and Hybrids?


That would give you 9 teams that stand a very good chance of winning in Dominator. I would definitely keep the Stegoceratopses at level 30, unless you’re going to evolve it into a Monostegatops. I would definitely turn one of those Diplotators into a Diplosuchus as soon as possible. Usually, I caution restraint on evolving creatures, but when it comes to super-hybrids, it’s a different story.


I was considering the same as well. But, that’s only because some of my paddocks has 8-9 Lv10 VIP dinos, not because I want to.

I’ve been using only Lv10 VIP dinos since the start, at the end of May, I would have been playing for 4
months now.

The thing that you also need to consider is that the cooldown timer is almost doubled as well. So, you will have less teams to fight with and less chances to fight per day. I was going to mention that your Amphibian side seemed lacking too, but you mentioned it already. There’s just too many carnivores out there.

A while back, I was told to get depth, so 4-5 of the same VIPs then combine them so you have more than the 1. Your whole game difficulty will go up too, Daily Events/Infinite Battle. It might come down to choosing to finish an event or go a few rounds at the tournament during the weekends.

You could wait until the end of this tournament and start? That would give you more time to build up. This next tournament is a rule tournament, so even if you strengthen your team, they might not fit into the rule(s).

I would not fight in a dominator league if I lose four out of five battles. I would rather concentrate on levelling up until I reach a rate of at least 80%.
Going for level 20 VIPs? Definitely!

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Yeah I would go for it. Level 20 VIPs and super hybrids of a similar ferocity are great. Competitive in Dominator league and acceptable cool down times. That is currently where I am in the game and haven’t regretted making the step up. It might be tricky at first if you haven’t got a lot of depth, but if you keep on building it won’t take long to get to where you want to.

Unayrhynchus 20,Eolombia,Concavenator,Indominus Rex,Diplotator,Tapejalosaurus and Eudimorphodon are all really good for Dominator Finishes.

Level 20 VIPs and comparable are definitely the gold standard for tournaments. If you are reasonably proficient with your battles, you should win most tournament matches with them, with a good amount of trophies for your efforts. Leveling them up will make it harder to complete PvEs on the same day until you increase your numbers, and maybe some of the others during the week too, but given a choice between a Dominator finish and PvEs, I’d go with the Dominator finish and getting tournament creatures unlocked every time! I say go for it.


I also think this Level 20 VIP will let reach the Dominator league easier. And in my opinion you don’t need a that deep bench of creatures in this stage of the game, because everything has a 12 hours or less cooldown. I am almost in your situation and I have no big problems doing the PvEs.

Thank you for all of the replies and the advice. I’m going to wait to see what the Rules for the upcoming Tournament are. Might be a good time to start leveling up if a good number of the VIPs are not usable anyway. As I create the first ones, I’ll keep them at Level 11 and stock up on meat, then level them all up to level 20 once they are all ready. Hopefully that will limit the jump in difficulty of the PVEs.

Doubling the cooldown time while halving the team size is tough. I’ll basically be able to do 1/4 the number of battles that I do now. I think I might end up breaking even on total trophies - 1/4 the battles, but 4X the win rate (from 20% wins to 80% I hope). Even then, it’s worth it simply for the decreased stress and aggravation - not to mention the savings in dino bucks. Those 5 buck fees add up quickly!

Thanks again everyone.

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While it’s true that halving the numbers can be challenging, getting your dinos to a level that they won’t get stomped on can really make all the difference. If you make sure to get as many rounds in as you can, and at least have some DBs that you might be able to use if you are close at the end, which certainly helps when you aren’t having to pay for as many rounds due to losses, it’s a lot easier to sneak in at the end if you can more reasonably expect to win the match!

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I just got my first VIP Creature,it was a Tylosaurus,I am not sure if I am happy or sad. The best thing I liked in the pack was the 650 VIP Points.

I’m going to go a different route… what hybrids can you make?

I have a small army of them now and they are the back bone of my tournament battles.

I aim for 1500+ meat shield, followed by 400+ attack of the type that has class advantage over the dino with class advantage of my meat shield (so I would be Herb, Amphibian so the AI switches to a carno and I’m ready to roll).

I found having more teams with lower cool downs (I fight 3 times a day) is better.

I put up 3300points by monday at noon (had it been a standard one).

My VIPs are normally my 3rd and sometimes my second dino.

My cool down is 7 hours. So, at the 3 hour mark, my VIPs can perform missions and still be ready for the next battle window.

But, the cool thing about this game, you can go either way! (Quality or quantity)

My strongest dino is a level 40 T-rex.

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The really nice thing about level 20 vip critters is the short cooldown periods. You can play them a few times a day, which increases possible wins.


Many VIP’s perform as well as Legendary hybrids,compare Eudimorphodon to Suchoripterus.

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Beyond a certain point, I found my level 30 VIPs falling out of my tourney lineups, since level 20s and other dinos around that ferocity suffice to win enough for dominator. For non-tourney events, I’ll usually be using level 40 VIPs, sometimes level 30, depending on situation, plus other hybrids and super hybrids. You play how you wish to, but for your consideration, try to generate as many level 20 VIPs as evenly as possible across all types as you can, then level up the “extras” later on. For times when you’re busy and don’t have much time for a tourney especially, the quick turn around (recovery) of lower level dinos give you a lot more competitive teams to send out and grab those trophies.


Given the rules of the upcoming tournament, I’ll focus on leveling up the Carnivore and Herbivore VIPs. I’ll focus on quantity over quality for the tournament, especially since you can guarantee an advantage with Pterosaurs. I assume my Level 10 VIP Pteros will perform decently so I’d rather have more of them rather than leveling them up now.

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That’s probably a good decision. You may want to consider leveling up any amphis you have, since they are only really good for meat shields and lower levels might have too much chance of a 1-hit KO up against an AI ptero. You’ll need all the reserve you can get using lvl 10s. Depends on your numbers and how many teams you think you can put together.