Time to nerf stegodeus , too many high level stegodeus now, haha


Too many people level up the stegodeus to high level like now, is time to nerf it to waste their coin!!! Suggestions : decrease 200++ base hp , decrease 100++ base damage, then it will be good!!!


Whit that nerf you said he will still op, for being balanced they neeed remove superior strike, armor rampage for impact and like 200 less dmg and 1k less life


Stop moaning about it go out and get the DNA to lvl one up instead off being lazy and wanting it nerfed.
Or lvl a dino to counter it.


I have my stegodeus at 29 and 1/4 for 30 and usually can beat 2 dinos before he died, and this whit top 100 guys xd


My tryostronix normal has no probs taking one out in 2 goes if you use him right.


actually, overleveled Stegodeus has a bad time with Immune Tank-killers like Tryostronix or Magnapyritor.

Only problem is there are so many overleveled Stegodeus but a few of high level Tryostronix :wink:


I just got the tryostronix. What moves should I be using when against a stegdeus?


You must have a lvl25 +triox to beat a 29,30 stego, even whit rtc +dfr mine doing like 4k crit dmg at lvl 22 and my stego at 29 have near6k life doing near 4k dmg whit 2 hit


I am only in arena 7 3800-4000 and mines lvl 18 so am not fighting anything over 24 lvl


What he said


The fact that every team has an over leveled stegodeus is the proof that it needs to be readjusted. Every other team I run into is being carried by a deus five levels higher than the rest of the dinos. Even an appropriate leveled one can easily enough take or two dinos on its own if played well.

It’s not that they’re unbearable. It’s that they’re bad for the health of the game.


What level it is, my 20lvl tryostronix hardly ever kills them even with crit. Though just upgraded her to 21 but still shouldn’t be enough.


I agree with that. And those players are the ones who like to come out and yell at others like “level up yours and stop crying”. Bc they dont want their free ticket to high rank to get nerf lol


I have 24lvl stegodeus, almost 25lvl. If they nerf her which I think would be very welcome addition I think they should tell us so beforehand and not let nerf come out just out of nowhere


Wow oh let’s nerf all the dinos you have trouble beating?! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

How about No!! and you go out and grind and level up ya dinos :grin::grin:


Nah, i have no problem to beat them but just feel pathetic for their team that carry by lvl24-26 stegod but the rest… just18-19 after i beat their stegod its over and then i tried to figure out how tf they coming this far?


How about one legendary isn’t so easy to get that it’s six levels higher than the rest of your team?

When you get out of the Badlands, which I hope you’ll manage soon, you’ll start to see teams of level 25 stegodeus and level 18 everything else. That’s 100% a broken system


Lol ive been out the badlands for a long time :grin::grin::grin: now in the ruins so basically you need to learn to play the game instead of wanting every dino you can’t beat nerfed lol :joy: :joy:


Oh and its not broken just cus you haven’t leveled ya dinos high enough… Get out and grind level them up :point_up_2:


just get out and hunt till you get a level 26 as i did. this nerf talk is very counterproductive