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Time to put a 2ndry Button confirmation on revives

It’s bad UI design. It boarders on a scam. Your better than that.


I’ve brought this up five times. And once directly to support. They always ignore me, except the mod named Ned did say he forwarded the suggestion to the devs. This request has been asked over a year ago. Nada.

It’s to the point where you can’t spend money in fear of losing it to a miss click

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I’ve already spent 750 gems. x3 clicks before they dropped the planted overly sized revive button exactly where your right thumb would touch the screen when you get upset and grab your phone so it doesn’t fall lol.

They refunded me 125 the first time and told me to be careful. That was when I finally found this forum and posted here for my first time, I believe. Another gamer then commented and said that this has been requested (to add a confirm button for any and all gem transactions) a year earlier.

What blows my mind is I grew up in Canada and most Canadians are really nice people. So this type of behavior shocked me that they’re deceptive or opportunistic. When I went back to support, same ticket, and I told them what I discovered, they told me in no way will they refund me anymore and I need to be careful and they have no plans to add a confirm button to that gem expenditure.

Why would you want to “Trick” your player base???

Makes no sense at all.

Time to do the right thing

Yup, this continues to be a very dangerous button. UX design 101: do not make it easy for the user to make irreversible, high-consequence mistakes.

Just notice that not a single mod or any Ludia person has commented here :slight_smile:


Expect more and better. Ludia is a great developer

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It is weekend, no replies before Monday

What about my previous messages @parthannun?

You sometimes really state the obvious and infuriate huh, as if your comprehension against my reasoning for elaborating that Ludia personnel have repeatedly ignored this request went unnoticed. This thread wasnt started today, it was started two days ago, Thursday (since I’m currently +9 hours from home). And my previous post about this was about a month ago. And other players posted about this over a year ago.

Try to be helpful when contributing. This is the second time you’ve posted against me with useless words.

Update: @parthannun its Wednesday now, where is the message from the devs?

Happened to me once while finger spamming the screen to quit out. The only time I actually had enough gems to afford it! I wound up beating the boss thankfully. :laughing:

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This happens in almost every phone game where there are gems or diamonds or whatever to buy. They make it easy to accidentally hit them and there is almost never a verify button

It’s a silly mechanic. It gives everyone a bad impression. I find it hard to believe the money is worth it.

For the F2P players, there is no money, and I doubt any of them convert because of that. If they made it a better and safer experience, a few more would sign up.

“Buy gems? Why should I? Then when i fat finger the REVIVE button, it’s costing me real money.”

I agree and I don’t like it either but I see it often. All the free to play users would not give them money anyways, but if a percentage of people even spend just a few bucks because of “the mistake” they must make enough of a profit.

I would think that you’d get more people from the larger pool of happy F2P players instead of the few who stick around after they get screwed.

A lot of F2P players poney up a few bucks here and there. Maybe try VIP once to see if it’s worth it. Make a small gem purchase to get over a hump.

I certainly have… not in this game, yet, though.

That would be true as long as people realized, or at least believe, that it was intentional. If they really thought it was their own mistake they might spend the money. And this game, like most, gets real sluggish and grindy if you don’t spend money, so I guess the ftp players don’t stick around long anyways

I also don’t know for sure that it is done intentionally. Only that like I said I see it often in many games. So either it is a bad trend of poor UI or it is a established strategy

Maybe. I haven’t found it grindy. Just slow. And, now, I’ve gotten used to it.

I’m sure it will get worse. I’m working L7–>L8 and it’s pretty damn slow.

I feel like I am the only person who has never had this problem. The buttons don’t change location, how can you keep missing them?

Also I’d like a secondary confirm button for PvP losses. Like if I don’t push it the other person won, but I didn’t lose. Only seems fair.

F2P player here. Real F2P won’t care because we aren’t going waste money on a P2W game. Right now this game offers enough progress to win the game F2P, but it looks like it is becoming more P2W. The big problem for F2P though is there is no end game. Once you beat Explore it just disappears. PvP in these games exists solely to drive P2W mechanics so there really isn’t a F2P Endgame here.