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Time to quit?

I’ve dropped over 300 medals in 2 days and continue to get very unbalanced matches. I win one in every 5-6 matches and this is quite upsetting and not. Fun I don’t care if I lose but if I’m going to waste several hours losing I may as well hang it up. Getting quite sick of it


There is an extremely rare boost sale today, maybe try to buy some and see if it helps… You never know when they’ll go back on sale so…


Ask yourself this simple question to determine if you should quit playing this game -

Is the emotion I’m experiencing most while playing JWA, what I would call ‘Enjoyment’? If not then ask yourself this follow up question…

Why am I playing a GAME I dont enjoy?

For me personally I was experiencing frustration and anger most, so those things aren’t what you shohld be experiencing, so I ditched it.

Haven’t regretted it for a second and real life stress levels are WAY down =D

Tames my first Megladon the other day, and didnt need to buy boosts to do so, nor did I get ratted.


Ever since boosts 2.0 hit… ive reduced my playing time to the point where i bother with the arena every three days. Try to time those 3 days with my alliance needing dbis… im not quite ready to hang it up… but these days my primary goals are strike towers and event dinos as i see them.

So ive gone from playing 4-5 hours a day… to 20-30 minutes.0


I understand. I played about 20 battles in arena. Lost about half. And I dropped down back to Library.

Very frustrating to meet level 30 thors, Erli, DC, trykos. Etc. My highest is level 27. Really felt like giving up after losing so many battles.


All those battles, win or lose will contribute greatly towards your alliance and the TEAM objectives, in regards to battling.

If you look at it from a team angle, it is fantastic.


What rare boost sale?


Yeah from a team angle, yeah you contribute to battles and takdowns and DBIs. But personally, you feel devastated. Well that’s how I feel.

Arena is no fun. Especially when you are matched with Thors that kill you with one bite.


The game have become a question of class and hierarchy.

Before the progression was very linear and players could compete on same resons — level up the dinos.

Pay-To-Win offer a gap, where those who spend and those who don’t, can’t be in the same arena.

The idea is to win more by spending, at the same time players who don’t spend money will lose more game and interest. That situation is very bad for the evolution and the future.

I understand many players ask this question to themself, ”Should I quit?”. I would say, try out a new team with level 20 dinos, a magical line before all new uniqes and overboosted dinos make the entrence.

Remember most players spend their boosts on end-dinos, so stay at the point where players haven’t unlocked them.


As the arena continues to evolve with all the new boost sales… that magical line is gonna be lower… you already see people who were claiming doing well with unboosted teams now dropping in trophies with the amount of boosts Ludia has been selling.

As more players quit that magical line will be erased as match making will be widening to keep que times as fast as possible to hide the shrinking player base.

Thankfully, Ludia implemented boosts 2.0 when it did… as its much better for the game and the arena will be so balanced Ludia had to charge us twice to get it to where it is today.


Thanks everyone for the replies. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I appreciate the advice and support :slight_smile: definitely going to scale back for a while and maybe try some different teams. Problem is I’ve gone from 5200 a week ago to 4750 by yesterday and unfortunately would probably still
Have to drop further off I switch my team now. I’m highly competitive which is what gets me in this position especially with a game focused on pay to win model


I’m at the same level. I experienced the same crossroads you are at, I chose to drop arenas. When I changed my team to all level 20 legendaries, I didn’t drop far before I discovered there are several “layers” of teams at the same trophy count. It’s weird, there are level 20 all legendary teams at just below 5k trophies that never face those teams with L25 mostly unique teams at about 5k trophies. It’s a much nicer place to be. Matchmaking has created quite a mess for the players of this game. I don’t know how many times I’ve given up on this game, but now I just play for fun. I don’t buy anything (except that one actual microtrasaction we’ll probably never see again.), I don’t care if I make the daily goals.

I play for the enjoyment, when that stops, I stop playing. I don’t need anger and frustration in my life.


I’m normally around 5200 trophies with unboosted team. Came just one fight away from Gyrosphere few times. I still enjoy beating boosted teams. With few exceptions (really bad draw or wrong starting dino) matches finishes with 3-2 for me or for opponent.

Boosts are currently either useless or you need to pay lots of real money for them to gain edge over slightly boosted teams or unboosted teams with high lvl dinos.


With the addition of boosts many people have stopped playing this game. Unfortunately Ludia doesn’t care, as you they keep selling boosts on a daily basis and we all know boosts will are here to stay. So people think. If Ludia doesnt care about their players, why should the players care…so they stopped playing.

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During the period since boosts have been on daily sale i’ve gone from 5400 to 5000 and spend most of the time loosing to overly boosted teams. Generally i’m always comfortable bouncing around 200 ranks, i.e. 5200-5400 or 5100-5300. But the boost sales are clearly making the arena very unbalanced.

But hey, nowhere near as unbalanced as it would have been if Ludia gave us that one opportunity to dart Tenoto… a dino that is rarely ever used anymore and if it is it is easy pickings.


Even if you do manage to break out of library and into gyrosphere depot, MOST of your battles will be against the A.I. I feel lucky to battle overboosted Thor’s sometimes. The depot just feels empty most of the time.

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Can’t remember the last time I lost 450 trophies in such a short time.
But there are phases of steady decline. In these phases I exchange some of the team members for dinos that have (almost) reached team lvl in the mean time. After that I usually lose the next two battles, but then mm changes and I start winning again (at least up to a certain amount of trophies).

This keeps me from splintering the screen of my mobile with my index finger or smashing it against the wall if I feel that matchmaking is unfair or incomprehensible.
Only recently I had reached Gyro for the second time, only to descend again immediately. Most of the fights were against opponents with the same or higher number of trophies and I didn’t feel that there was much luck involved in the advancement. Immediately dropping from 55xx trophies down to 52xx trophies is hard to comprehend this case.

But hey, I know I am not the best player. Otherwise, my number of trophies would have to be at the same level as from players playing the same or lower leveled teams. But that’s not the case.

So there is still a lot of room for improvement and as long as that is the case quitting is not an option. When frustration overwhelms me again, I just do the most necessary things for a few days.


Keep at it. That’s not that bad. In the old days I used to drop 300 to 500 trophies from time to time… Once I dropped 600 (around 20 losses in a row). Fortunately this hasn’t happened for a long time. Since my team got close to 30 (average 27-28), the worst streak I get is around 200 trophies lost.

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This game likes to grief the players. I have played games my entire life and never ran into a game that goes out of its way to piss me off daily. The game could be great but in its current form I would never spend a penny on it. I feel it’s possible I may quit any day now


I’m going to have to agree with Stiffeno.
If you aren’t enjoying it and can’t find a way to make it enjoyable, it doesn’t hurt to try something else. Although I personally love the game, I’m getting the impression through Ludias business decisions and lack of communication that the game may be discontinued or going into maintenance mode soon. I’ve already started looking at other GPS based games… just in case.
Last thing I want is to be caught off guard and left gameless and pogo just isn’t cerebral enough for me.