Time to say goodbye finally

After the experience of the last week i will quit that game. First the tournaments: really pay to win. You get only in dominator if you willing to pay or play at last one year. After that reward you getting well you dont need it any more … Second disconnects: since i began it got worse and worse. Today morning one fight 5 disconnects for example. Third: failures: well as example this morning is enough. Two fights in newearth. Twice opponent has 6 points attacks with 6 and after that he can block with one. The best yesterday green dino quests. With double as strong dinos the system makes me loose cause he always blocks when i attack and had for example 6 points attacked with them and could block 2 after it. Well after it is again cause of failures that i cant complete half of the quests and i now say enough is enough!!! cause ludia does not react to emails and dont react in forum i say bomb of customer Service. It is easier to get new ways to gain money than fixing problems. Thats a real joke. No wonder why this game has so low players. Bye bye

Btw ludia is making a great job in pushing players away from the game

Bttw the examples are only a small part of failures that happened in the game. If i would write them all this topic would explode…

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It’s sad that you’re leaving JWTG. But no, I still don’t agree Tournaments are pay to play. I myself have gotten a Dominator victory within less than 5 months of playing and many of my non-VIP friends have too.

As for the disconnects, you need very stable internet. I can say this because I have gone through the Disconnection phase.

The event difficulty… Many of the Forum members have given suggestions on attack tactics. Did it still not work? Perhaps you could show us each step of how your battle went, like it was demonstrated in the Cenozoic thread. That way we may be able to help you with strategy.


Very sad ten dinis

I quit topic