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Time to say goodbye


Going to quit my account, game has no fun factor anymore. Gonna try Walking dead our world. Bye bye team…


…Kool beans.


Enjoy!! This is my squad so far… All f2p :grin: My user is censored because its embarrassing lol

I have no shame for tapping my screen 66,619 times since release date :joy:


In the spirit of all mmos before,

Can I have your stuff?


LOL. I didn’t think it got worse than Facebook goodbyes but here we are.


Mmmm buh-buh…


Zyx, that is a heck of a team!! Wish I had some of those!!:pensive:


Walking dead is boring, best wait for tournaments in this game or new arenas meanwhile yoi can lvl they to 27+ like the top 3 are doing xd


Another “quitter”… These emo threads are pathetic lol


How in the world did you get those legendaries to that high of a level? How much really world money did you spend?


Oh look, you got a team consisting of a human, another human, yet another human…and what a surprise, another human.


Never mind marketing, maybe just avoiding reprisals. Ludia said today that cheaters/spoofers have been identified and contacted…maybe this is proof? Rats, sinking ship, etc.?


Saying goodbye because you’re bored?

You’re saying goodbye because you’re about to be wiped clean you cheating scumbag. Have fun cheating in that other game too!


If anyone is wondering why I withdrew my posts one was flagged by the community! The one going going gone and I deleted the wrong one so… :joy:


Not sure why my post was flagged, it was a joke. Not really trying to buy anyone’s stupid account. Ya’ll got some delicate constitutions.


This makes more sense to me! Because the only way to have a team like that is allot of cash or spoofing! Don’t think someone who spent allot of real money on a game only a few months old would leave like this!

Perhaps after years of playing


Don’t feel bad they flagged my response to you! No sense of homer!


well since this post was long before the announcement of taking action against cheaters, why would you assume they are a cheater? maybe they are tired of spending money and cant progress anymore without massive spending.


There’s some loyalists lurking in the forum. They keep flagging everything that is slightly against the rules even if it’s completely harmless. Like, I make a small comment in spanish to talk to another spanish guy, that doesn’t really affect the conversation and people could just ignore it, but it is against the rules and it gets flagged in less than 4 hours. Or I post a completely harmless comment but it gets caught by the forum f lters and because I want to continue the conversation, I post a screenshot of the message so that poeple can read it, and someone flags it because posting content that hasn’t been approved is against the rules. It’s kind of funny to imagine someone checking the forum 24/7 to see if they can flag stuff lol


The announcement was made 2 days ago in-game. His post was 19 hours ago.

He bailed like the coward he is.

(the reply function of this forum is confusing as hell lol!)