Time to say goodbye…

I just wanted to say goodbye to the og of the og apexes Mortem Rex. Ever since 2.0 first released we were introduced with Mortem Rex. I think it has been roughly 2 years since Mortem Rex and it’s sad to see this beautiful but painful raid go. He will forever be missed and I will await your return someday


This is one of the saddest things about the update imo - especially since some of us never got to complete our mortem. I have worked on it tirelessly for a year, not missed a single raid, and I am 154 short of a level 30. There are others who never got the opportunity to raid for it, and others who just now were able to start. Not to mention the fact that Mortem is the most fun apex raid of all time. It’s one you can get really creative with, which isn’t possible with a lot of the other raids.


I was one of, if not the first player to get Mortem Rex thanks to a 160 the first week and a 60 the second week before the maximum was set to 30.

I got it to 30 ages ago now, but continued to do the raid and still to this week on all 3 of my accounts.

Back at the start all I had got for the raid was a Tryo with 4200 health and I needed to be carried with a big Tenontorex, Maxi and Tuora. Now we whack it out in 3 turns with 3 Mortem and a Cera!

I’ll miss the raids and helping newer players with this icon of a Dino.


Too early to say goodbye. You’ll say goodbuy when greeting him in the market.

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Agreed. I am not sure if you have herd of the gaming tiger before but he is JWA content creature and he makes all kinds of interesting mortem raid strats along with pvp videos

Also mortem was the ONLY TWO ROUND apex raid.


Worst part was, I started after Morty was released and never had strong enough creatures to raid and now I finally do and it’s no longer a raid

I’m 80 DNA from maxing… :frowning:

Mortem has officially been replaced on the weekly raid calendar