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Time to say goodbyye

No, it’s not a “goodbye thread”. At least I’m not going anywhere.

But JWA is. JWA in its current state. Update 2.0 is huge, it brings loads of changes to almost every part of game. I don’t judge if these changes are good or not. But I’m sure, nothing will remain the same.

Many things that we were used to will change. Prorat ruling epic tournaments. Mammoth and his hybrids being incredibly strong because of his exclusivity. Tragod having 124 speed. Posto having Ferocious Impact. Ankyntro having Null Strike. Gemini being the best creature in JWA. Hadrosaurs being stunners. Rhino being a bleeder. Incredibly long battling daily missions. Bronto being exclusive. Orni being a pest on the map (making us hate Prorat even more haha). 500 squashed bugs (lol). Dilorach with moveset being the cause of his rise (1.5) and fall (1.9). Tryko never being touched but always perfectly balanced. Erlidom being able to run away. Immune meta. Immunity at all. “Mono brothers” both being a meme. Rex having the best lvl 26 attack.

And many, many, many things that I didn’t mention to not make this thread too long.

What’s the conclusion? Simply, do not let the hype take over you. Spend the time between now and tuesday to say farewell to old JWA, just like you said to unboosted arena before 1.7. This change will be even bigger, a lot bigger. JWA as it is now will never return again. 2.0 will be a different game. Enjoy and discover it after it comes out. But not now. Instead, use your time to say goodbye to good old JWA. Do it however you want. One of the things I’ll do is to play and record one last battle in current game. I did it before 1.7 and 1.10, I’ll do it again. For me, it’s the best way to say goodbye, after some months you will be able to watch it and recall how JWA once was (and your team too)


Press f for respect



Stupid character limit.


A shame that 2.0 won’t change that limit :joy:


I forgot, share your own ways of how to say goodbye to old JWA

Well I’m glad to never face again the old DC with SIDSR lol


I will make a memorial in Animal Crossing. Then promptly knock it over and replace it with something else.

but really, i’ll play a few battles and just collect dna to prepare for the evolution of my beloved game.


It was horrible but somehow I miss it a bit too, just like I miss 50/100% dodge. A weird feeling. I don’t want it to return but I miss it.

Ofc I always refused to use the Rat. I just miss others using it against me lol



Cya around 1.0


This thread is exactly how I feel.

Like saying goodbye to a dear friend.

Just as everything has to change, so does the game I guess, but I sure know it won’t be the same.

It’s gonna be like playing a completely new game and I don’t know if I’m going to be happy or sad.

Until I’ve played it for a while I won’t know I suppose.


Now I’m sad! I loved the old JWA, even If it had a lot of problem I loved as the way it is


’ Be carefull what you wish for, you may get it’ came in to my mind when I saw the release notes. The game Iike I know it, will change. If I like the new one, I honestly don’t know. Time will tell…:blush:


I shall drop Kapro onto people as many times as possible, because after the update he’ll have to fatten up to be on the battlefield.

I’ll have to say goodbye to Spyx, there seems to be no room for a double distractor with such low HP. It doesn’t make any sense that it loses the bleeding.


I love my Spyx. Can’t believe they did that to her.


F for Touramoloch. She is even worse off than before. I was going to make her a monster… But how, she is just… A nurse. I don’t even know how to feel.

“Be careful what you wish for” is hitting hard for me. I was advocating that she would have higher attack so she could be useful. Then when the families came around, I exclaimed that she should have at least one healing move to be helpful in the Raid battles. And now, I got both… But she can’t be used in the arena anymore.

But F for the game as a whole. I will miss the simplicity of this game. I am actually confused on how things work for the first time since it came out. Hopefully I’ll get used to it.


The easy fix is resistance is 50/100% for everything


While there are a few creatures I’m very sad that were nerfed, and I’m not sure about resistances I’m greatly excited for everything else. This is obviously the biggest update, but it looks like the update that might have saved the game. I know a lot of people are disappointed or don’t know what to think, that’s entirely understandable, but I think this will be so much better. More diversity and balance! While we don’t know how exactly how the meta will play out, I so far haven’t seen anything that looks especially OP, and now the each “type” of dinosaur does its own thing I think the meta will be way more diverse than we’ve ever seen.

Though part of me is sad to say goodbye to parts of old JWA, I don’t think I’ll miss it. Goodbye old friend, Hello future!