Time To Settle This

I have been hearing that phorurex is op for a long time and I personally agree, it’s far to easy to get for how powerful it really is

But I have been hearing that it isn’t op and that it is balanced

So I am going to open a poll to decide weather phorurex is broken or not in the publics eye.

  • Phorurex is broken
  • I am unsure if phorurex is broken or not
  • Phorurex is not broken

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Poll will be closed in 3 days

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It’s not broken, just a little stronger than it needs to be. It needs a little balancing, but it isn’t OP at all.

I’m voting for this.


Yeah thats a good point I will change the poll slightly

Unfortunately I am not able to change the poll as it is after 5 minutes since the post is up

As NiR-TSR said, I don’t think “broken” is the word. Overpowered? Yes, and I do think it needs a nerf.

I would nerf PRex as follows:

  • Remove the swap-in, full stop. This should be DCRat’s expertise, not PRex
  • Remove the speedup from Critical Sidestep. Critical Sidestep then becomes more of a lateral shift from Sidestep, trading off some of its Cunnings aspects for Fierce aspect, rather than being a pure upgrade.
  • Reduce PRex speed to 122 (or less, but as a starting point I think this is fair). Between this and the change to CSS, PRex gains a more-solidified weakness in Cunnings, which intrinsically have a speed advantage. PRex already has a considerable benefit from a priority rampage; it doesn’t need to be super fast as well.

These changes would A) reduce the scope of what Prex does, and B) create a better-defined weakness that enemies can exploit. It nonetheless remains very strong, as its ability to pin & revenge kill enemies remains unparalleled.


Phorurex also represents a trend that I don’t like of randomly gifting bleed effects to abilities of non-bleed dinos for no reason and no regard for power budget.

When you look at dinosaurs that have bleed mechanics by design, like the Spinosaurids, just look at their stats and kits. Look at what they sacrifice for Lethal Wound-type moves - abysmal damage values, low health, and Impacts while anything else would have Rampages, and sometimes low speed. They are taxed heavily for the DoT mechanics in their kit.

What are Scorpios Rex Gen. 3 and Phorurex giving up for DoT mechanics? Damage? Nope! Both have Rampages. Speed? Nope! Both are fast and have speed buffs. Base damage? Not really!

Phorurex and Scorpios have this mechanic tacked onto their kits…for free.


Honestly it’s moves and stats are op and then it has a swap in ability and on escape ability. Honestly it doesn’t deserve the bleed, it doesn’t deserve the on escape AT ALL, does not disetve crit increase, doesn’t deserve daring strike, and doesn’t deserve that strong of swap in ability.

I voted broken but really it just needs a rebalance. It’s too good right now.


I think Scorpio deserves bleed to match the canon and also speed was sacrificed. It only has 119 speed which Spinosaurs are usually faster than that

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What I hate about Phorex is how absolutely undeserving it is of most of it’s kit. It got the majority of it’s moveset from thin air and for no reason either. Sure, Suchotator, Purutaurus, and the Scorpius trio have random kits from thin air as well, but at least they have a sort of limit. Puru gets bad attack, slow speed, a pretty mediocre moveset, and no immunities, Sucho gets a lack of good damaging moves, no immunities, can be abused by anything with a defect like Slow or Stun, etc. The Scorpius trio is a little less balanced than the other two mentioned, but still. Scorpius 3 has obvious counters, of which can beat it relatively well without too much damage taken, and it’s two younger siblings aren’t that great anyway. Phorex though? Gets absurdly good moves for no reason and doesn’t have to trade much off at all. Phorex gets 4050 HP when all of it’s ingredients have 3.6k or less, two massively powerful rampages, one of which is basically a delete button if Pho isn’t distracted, AND is a perfect setup, the other rampage is an Instant Cunning Rampage without delay, gets an extra 100 damage, only loses two speed, gains a super random 10% crit, a super great stall move that GUARANTEES a crit, one of the best one escape moves, a great Swap In, etc. It needs a nerf.


Remove the swap in, nerf the speed a little, and remove the bleed from the rampage and run,
While we’re at it change skoona’s counter to a medium decelerating counter

How about just work round it?

Ludia are already bringing counters for it so by nerfing it we will have another useless Dino to bench.

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For scorp I can see it because their venom is cannon in the show which translates to DoT

But I 100% agree on this with phorurex, it gets it out of nowhere

Tell that pls to someone like me. I am in lower aviary and deal with phorurex. Late mid game players deal with it too and it’s easier said than done to get one of the new apexes.

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The ONLY thing that can always kill a phorurex is spinocon
And even so it’s still left in revenge kill or swapper range

Not even spinocon honestly. The only move that doesn’t cleanse dot is the rampage and run.

Spincon kills it.
Pooh kills it.
Skoona kills it.
It kills itself.

The only thing is that Pooh needs to have already been out. If you start a fresh match and one picks phorurex and the other picks Pooh, phorurex is likely to win.


T1 shield.
T2 arctic.
T3 dead pho.

Para kills it

Alux kills it too.