Time To Settle This

Couple things to unpack here.

Yes, I like power creep. Perhaps different experiences. Here’s mine;

Gaming since frogger and pac man.

Lots of time spent in mmos and muds (gs3, ffxi, wow, ffxiv)

Some time in standalone PC games. A little moba (lol) experience.

Moved to mobile games as I got old (clash of clans, clash Royale, mobile legends adventure, castle crush, etc.)

So with my exprience - yes, I like power creep. Its a fun way to keep the game fresh and the community engaged - so long as the barrier to entry isn’t too high. And maybe here it is.

As far as revamping the class system I’m all for it. Less rng please. Less super hard counters.

Now look what you’ve done. You’ve made me go and make a serious post. Blah. I’m going back to my spino is op thread, that’s a lot more fun…


Please reread my posts. I feel my point is pretty clear.

A slower bulky spinocon works well
Around 7.4k health and 2k attack

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Quetz can counter phorurex but it needs to have nullifying rampage or long invincibility to do it well

Agree to disagree on power creep. That kind of structure, like in as the current state of the game, only benefits shores players, the P2W crowd and ofc ludia. Casual spenders and the f2p don’t. Isn’t the point of the most logical constructive criticisms here is attempting to make the game favorable and good to the majority (not counting some with the double standards). Plus the current state of the game just shows why it’ll never work for people not in shores. Boosts held hostage and ridiculous grinding for other resources only to still be left behind unless you got a wallet

Your argument feels like barrier to entry to me. I agree, should be addressed. This isn’t a new problem. I made this post a few years ago, where I said:

“The paywall/progression wall should be levels , not unlocking. This is a proven method that gets you the cash you need to justify the game, and gives us the carrot we need to justify our time spent on it.”

I stand by that. I’ve never understood why I need (as a recent example) 300 dna to unlock something then 100 to level it.

Boosts are similar.

I can’t link the post. Odd.


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I do not use phorex (encountered just once, in sorna marshes), but from the videos that i have seen, what i don’t like about phorex is its ability to do both the things that its components can, with no consequences, and that is bad considering how its common to find. It can swap in attack and finish, do a priority rampage and kill, do a crit boost-cleanse-speedup and then kill and escape, and do all this all over again while punishing swappers. I think the insta cunning rampage should have a delay and be a revenge (which removes the delay). That way, it can either swap in kill or revenge kill, and not do both at the same time.

guys plz dont go too hard on me, I aint much experienced. But this is what I feel needs to be changed for phorex


Like @Wrothgar1 i don’t mind power creep either.

What would be the point of playing a game if once you reached level 30 on the top 8 dinos that was it?

As new dinos enter it gives me momentum to get out and hunt again, and building them up gives the opportunity to have different battles.

But I’m also getting old, I remember being a lad and playing Pong when it was released then duck hunt, space invaders and asteroids!

Back on topic, I just lost using Phoru to a strong Dioraja so perhaps that’s another to add to the list of counters it has?
Or maybe I just played it badly…. Probably the latter :rofl:


Diorajasaur destroys phorurex but it is not really a viable creature in a PvP team. The main issue of phorurex is that it can run away from its counters but not the opposite. It makes battles completely asymmetrical hence the advantage to run it.


Not replying to anyone specific here just gonna say

Both players and dinos/creatures should not be experiencing this kind of “power creep”

Players should not be punished to much on progression and trying to keep up. While some people with money, patience and skill (not factoring RNG) do deserve to be at the top of shores the rest of the f2p crowd should not be crowded in library/aviary. The “power creep” on progression should not be this unaccesible to anyone not spending/regularly spend. I know it is possible for the vets to get things to 30 on update day, but the rest of those who played enough stuck at aviary/library should not take a month of barely trying to stay with the meta then get kicked in the teeth when barely in gyro just because every update makes things harder and harder to achieve in a certain span of time.

As for dinos, while new dinos should definitely have the incentive to use, it should not be all dumped in that 1 thing towering above the meta then the rest of the team just bow to its opness whether it be new or old. Things like edom and vexus while not being at the top of the food chain should not be at the bottom being prey to even newer legendaries. Say you have a pool of 30 uniques, while all 30 at this point being viable equally isn’t possible anymore (indo and draco), limiting a pool of 30 options to mostly 3 op cashgrabs then the lucky 7 that try to leech on is stupid. Its stupid the gemini and magna you worked so hard for months get dumped and leave you of no place to start again. Its stupid the power gap between something like phorex and spyx is insanely big

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so all the wallet warriors get rewards and the casual players are punished? thats not ok, power creeep is not good in a multiplayer game with a lot of already cash in advantages, boosts and paid incubators are a problem but cant be done anything at this point, this kind of mindset is horrible for anyone who doesnt play religiously or has the cash to waste

Welcome to the community.

P2w and f2p is a precarious balance. It’s a symbiotic relationship. You need both for a game to be sustainable.

I think the barrier to entry is too high. I think being stuck in aviary for 3 years is boring. I think the game needs better progression.

I think it’s important to address the real problem. It’s not power creep. Its barrier to entry. It’s lack of progress. It’s lack of options.


Well yes I think that the powercreep is happening way to fast, I meant that new players can’t experience new creatures without slowing their progression by a lot. Now, for a veteran, they probably have played at least once with everything in the game, saw a lot of different metas and knows what is good and what isn’t. A new player however doesn’t know that and might want to use older animals because of their apparences/hologram preview. When they unlock said animal and realize it’s bad, they have two choices:
1- Continue to use the newly unlocked creature because they have put a lot of ressources in it and it is easier to level up what you already have but it will have to be a higher level than the norm to complete.
2- The player stop investing in the creature and start working on another one but they have wasted a lot of ressources and a lot of time.

Finally new players don’t have this view of older and newer dinosaurs, they only see new stuff and they may want to use older dinosaurs without knowing they are old.

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I mean old creatures aren’t bad for say and in aviary some of these older creatures can be good. And most somewhat newer players actually do know the difference between two moves and the two moves combined.

It’s a problem when old dinos that took you ages to grind like say Magna or Gemini only take you to aviary or library at best unless they get backed up by the new OP. It’s a problem when the oldest dino you’d find in most teams is Spinocon and the rest of creatures you’d possibly need to survive shores are mostly around for only 3 patches/months and at most are barely a year old in the game that has ran for almost 4 years and in its course has added 30+ candidates for potential endgame dinos only to settle on barely 8 choices

Ok so let’s take a look at this in a bit more detail.

What some of you seem to be saying is that it’s not fair for ptw players to have a game that provides them with an advantage over the ftp players. In short that is complete nonsense and I can’t see how anyone can argue with that.

If a player spends money on a game and gains a new creature before a player who doesn’t spend money on it, that creature has to be better than what’s already out there. It’s common sense surely? How can anyone not see this as being reasonable?

A ftp player who spends hours and hours grinding will be the next to get the Dino, and finally the casual player will get it by which time it will be less of a meta dino as other new dinos will replace it.

So let’s get on topic here with Phoru. A simple to fuse Dino that’s easy to farm for anyone, giving all players a chance to have a top Dino and what does the community do? Ask for nerfs to destroy one of the few top tyrant dinos, just as they’ve already done with the original apex dinos that everyone had equal access to.

It’s time to get real here and realise that perhaps your expectations are unrealistic. If you want the power creep to slow down you’ll lose the money that ptw players are pumping in to keep the game alive. I know there are a few ftp players who are able to keep up but that’s a minority. The average player will be happy to see their progress be somewhat slower than someone who spends big to get ahead.

The worst thing as a ftp (or like me someone who spends a bit of money now and again) to spend the coin, in game cash, and hours and hours building up dinos to see them rendered useless because of a few voices that make a lot of noise influence the powers that be to nerf the Dino we use.


Since we are getting a bit off topic I’m just gonna say that Phorex needs balancing/should’ve never been this problematic in the 1st place because they can print money in some other way in a game with more potential than it has now. I’m just tired of being among the f2p players that get feeded to the people keeping this game alive because of bad game/business decisions



Alright its been 3 days since I have made the poll and the results are in

I didn’t vote, so I’ll just say this. I usually start the match with a tank (mostly Gem)… One creature hits the other. My Gem usually has the upper hand, which can draw a Phorus swap in. When this happens (and it happens A LOT), if I don’t have my Testa or my own Phorus with me, I simply close the game… I’m not kidding, I leave,… Nothing else I have can properly counter it, so it’s not worth the stress and the waste of my time.