Time To Settle This

T1 daring strike
T2 cunning rampage
T3 lethal rampage and run

T3 the pho is slower.

Oh sorry I forgot it wasn’t immunity

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However Pooh is still vulnerable to a new creature to come in

He’ll be low, but have a shield up. He’ll also be able to use his shield to be invincible for a turn, provided he’s faster.

However depending on the boost as well phorurex might win

For say king dreadnoughts rex
T1 daring strike
T2 sidestep
T3 lethal rampage and run

And that creates powercreep. Adding more op stuff shouldn’t be the way to go as many older uniques become unable to compete with newer ones.


I actually like power creep. I prefer to see new dinos used.

My opinion.

I play several accounts, and on the topic of pho it’s a problem. I do admit this. If you don’t pull your counter you’re screwed. If they crit, a lot of times you’re screwed. And unlike a lot of dinos, barely boosted it’s still very, very good. I have 3 accounts in aviary, 1 in library, and 1 in shores. Pho is most assuredly an issue in its current state, but I don’t know how to fix it.


The Prex is more powerful than it should be, just look at its components.

my nerf would be:

Hp 3600
D 1450
S 120
Critical 5%
Armor 0%

75% stun
50% swap prevention

Stunning obstruction
Instant rampage (armor piercing)
Fierce rampage and run ( delay 2 , cooldown 2)

and the rest follow the same.
is what it takes reasonably.

Really, Pho is not so hard to beat, with no distract immunity its going down on let’s say, a faster spinocon In Dis…

That will make it too weak tho

It’s fine as is.

If the lethal rampage and run is ready it destroys skoona and bear
It can be killed by other phos though
Troodoboa also works
However something with only two or three guaranteed counters is far from balanced

Doesn’t every creature kill itself tho?

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I previously defended Pho as strong but counterable. However, I have changed my mind recently as builds have gone higher in speed and now Pho is the deciding factor in almost every match.

I think it does need tweaking to make it less capable of killing almost everything. Sure, at the top end of Shores, Vasilas and Ankylos have certainly helped bring it under control, but further down the arenas, it’s much harder to keep in check.

As someone who uses an old pho build at 140 speed, I find it’s frequently less effective than the faster ones. So maybe dropping base speed to 120 would help a little and a cooldown of 1 on Critical Sidestep. These would make it less versatile without making it useless.


Maybe if you’ve unlocked everything powercreep can keep the game interesting by forcing you to change your team. For newer players however, they won’t be able or will have a hard time using the old dinosaurs.

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Exactly I’m in late mid game and can’t hardly fight a prex without all of my creatures dying

Why would newer players use old dinosaurs? Perhaps you are saying that the dinosaurs are power creeping too quickly? (Looking to understand).

For example, if people are sad that tenrex, dilo, thor, tryko, rat, indoraptor etc. are no longer usable I am sorry, but that’s by design.

I guess the question is - what’s a good “shelf life” for a creaure to be “the best”? I think a year is plenty of time for something to be around before it’s replaced. I think 3 months is too soon. I’d like somewhere in between.

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Now that’s dark…