Time To Settle This

I mean old creatures aren’t bad for say and in aviary some of these older creatures can be good. And most somewhat newer players actually do know the difference between two moves and the two moves combined.

It’s a problem when old dinos that took you ages to grind like say Magna or Gemini only take you to aviary or library at best unless they get backed up by the new OP. It’s a problem when the oldest dino you’d find in most teams is Spinocon and the rest of creatures you’d possibly need to survive shores are mostly around for only 3 patches/months and at most are barely a year old in the game that has ran for almost 4 years and in its course has added 30+ candidates for potential endgame dinos only to settle on barely 8 choices

Ok so let’s take a look at this in a bit more detail.

What some of you seem to be saying is that it’s not fair for ptw players to have a game that provides them with an advantage over the ftp players. In short that is complete nonsense and I can’t see how anyone can argue with that.

If a player spends money on a game and gains a new creature before a player who doesn’t spend money on it, that creature has to be better than what’s already out there. It’s common sense surely? How can anyone not see this as being reasonable?

A ftp player who spends hours and hours grinding will be the next to get the Dino, and finally the casual player will get it by which time it will be less of a meta dino as other new dinos will replace it.

So let’s get on topic here with Phoru. A simple to fuse Dino that’s easy to farm for anyone, giving all players a chance to have a top Dino and what does the community do? Ask for nerfs to destroy one of the few top tyrant dinos, just as they’ve already done with the original apex dinos that everyone had equal access to.

It’s time to get real here and realise that perhaps your expectations are unrealistic. If you want the power creep to slow down you’ll lose the money that ptw players are pumping in to keep the game alive. I know there are a few ftp players who are able to keep up but that’s a minority. The average player will be happy to see their progress be somewhat slower than someone who spends big to get ahead.

The worst thing as a ftp (or like me someone who spends a bit of money now and again) to spend the coin, in game cash, and hours and hours building up dinos to see them rendered useless because of a few voices that make a lot of noise influence the powers that be to nerf the Dino we use.


Since we are getting a bit off topic I’m just gonna say that Phorex needs balancing/should’ve never been this problematic in the 1st place because they can print money in some other way in a game with more potential than it has now. I’m just tired of being among the f2p players that get feeded to the people keeping this game alive because of bad game/business decisions



Alright its been 3 days since I have made the poll and the results are in

I didn’t vote, so I’ll just say this. I usually start the match with a tank (mostly Gem)… One creature hits the other. My Gem usually has the upper hand, which can draw a Phorus swap in. When this happens (and it happens A LOT), if I don’t have my Testa or my own Phorus with me, I simply close the game… I’m not kidding, I leave,… Nothing else I have can properly counter it, so it’s not worth the stress and the waste of my time.


Is it not about having fun though? If a creature is ruining the experience for players because they can’t effectively counter it with dinos available to their level, should players not be questioning whether it needs adjusting? It might well be one of the top tyrants but if the remaining tyrants are all a distant dream for much of the player base (unless they want to spend $100s if not $1000s of dollars), it just makes it stand out even more in a sea of ex-meta creatures.
All this is made worse by the continual lack of a boost reset and the outrageous list of bugs both new and old, making finding fun in the game increasingly hard for many.


Well that’s a fair point @Elephant_of_Surprise but of course it has counters as outlined further back in this thread, even Dioraja which till now has been left way behind. Not to mention itself, and if anyone hasn’t yet got it it’s only because they either haven’t been farming the necessary dna or aren’t in a good alliance. Not because they haven’t spent money as this is a Dino that’s not hard to get without spending big.

Of course players get upset when they lose more than they win, and no one wants to blame themselves for a lack of effort or will to get out and do as the game deems it necessary to do if you want to get ahead. You either grind like crazy or spend money. Failing either of these options you can say dinos are op and hope they get nerfed by which time new dinos will already be running riot, and the one counter those who don’t spend big on is no longer useful!

My point is that we can’t expect dinos like Gemini, Tryko, Maxi etc to remain meta forever. They had their time at the top and for a game to progress it needs to keep evolving with new and relevant creatures. Phoru is the one of all the meta relevant that’s easy enough for everyone to get, so the constant calls to nerf it don’t make sense to me.

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Honestly, regardless of what they say, I don’t think they listen to the playerbase in the matter of creature balance, except on extreme cases, like the immortal Testa or the once stupidly strong Maxima… Other than that, giving us an OP dino and then nerfing it months later is all part of the “business strategy”. I understand that… Doesn’t mean I have to like it… I believe things could be more balanced while still maintaining that pattern.


So what you call an alliance that doesn’t immediately give a prex a bad alliance? Yeah because everyone can join one of the few alliances that get to tier 9! Fr and there are players who can’t get these at tier 8 and there are players who haven’t played the game long enough to get p rex with the snap of a finger. Btw dio isn’t the best counter, mine hardly beats one. But for once think about the people who aren’t in the top 3 arenas

Also Maia hasn’t been in an event for a VERY long time

Very well said.

@PheonixLord5017 I can only speak as I see and experience. It has nothing whatsoever to do with getting Pho as a reward from the tournament. It is the fact that Draco gen2 proliferates everywhere and a decent alliance will have level 20 sanctuaries that have Maia to farm from.

If Pho was to be in arenas below the top 3, which I guess will be happening already as it’s so easy to get, then those players in similar arenas had just as much opportunity as those around them who have it. What’s the problem?

If your Dio isn’t up to countering Phoru, I would suggest boosting its health a bit and you’ll soon find it does. Perhaps a boost or two on its attack too?

I have boosts on it.

And almost everyone has it because of alliance

I’d be fine with it tho if the matchmaking was balanced

It seems OP on paper and is pretty broken when boosted right, but in my opinion, it’s mostly a glass cannon like Alloraptor.

at least it’s Swap-in doesn’t bypass armour!

As an aviary player I can confirm they’re found below the top 3 arenas. They’re in fact very common and usually high level.

While I did have just as much an opportunity as everyone else, and I actually have Phorurex, I chose not no use it for the sole fact it felt too strong and that I wasn’t using proper skill to win. I also wanted to use creatures that are both good and that I like, and as of now I definitely don’t like Phorurex. However, removing Phorurex has unsurprisingly hindered my team quite a lot, and it’s very difficult to compete with the already higher-leveled Phorurex other more meta players choose to use. I honestly don’t think my team should be worse than everyone elses just because I’m willingly choosing not to use one creature. It ruins team diversity for many players and creates a repetitive meta that forces you to use specific creatures just to have a shot at reaching the endgame arenas.

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Well it really is bad to fight in aviary and Lockwood estate as it just has so many undeserving attributes