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Time to spice it up

6 months of the sino raid is long enough. Time for change. It’s the one raid I completely ignore now and a lot of people in my alliance don’t care if they do. Give us a different epic. Diplodocus, carbo, rhino, or anything else really. Give us something different! Please and thank you.

Sino I feel isn’t that bad. You can use it to farm alliance missions and its quite fast as a raid. 2 turns and you are done.

The 2 that should be changed are Indom and IndoR. Both are overused in JWA and are not worth the effort to do since Ludia gives huge amounts of their DNA and ingredients every few weeks

Change the roster sure but dun replace them with longer raids because that is not what is wanted. Variety not chores.


But for those players who can only raid epic or epic/legendary I can fully understand they’d like to see that one switched. It was the first boss put on the map and it could use a time out.

Personally I share the opinion it’s one of the no hassle 2 minute raids that contribute easily towards the missions but it’s not all about what high levelled players want or think😉

You don’t think the epic they put in will be just as easy as sino? It would be. It needs to be replaced. I’m not asking to give it a higher rarity. I’m asking to change it to a different epic.

Given its Ludia I think it will be another 3 round raid like Mammoth or some ridiculous Epic that needs 2 turns per round to beat.

Rotate by all means but dun screw up. Nothing spoils raids like a long drawn put raid because Ludia.

The first boss was Mammotherium actually. That one is quite needed still.

As for high levelled, Sino doesn’t need a high level team to be beaten in 2 turns. Lvl 15 Rex, 2 Gorgosuchus and 1 carnotau.

Not newbie level but not really top 2000 player tier either.

That’s not what I meant. I meant that because epic is easily accessible for lower levelled players I can see a shift of those creatures as logical. Simply because for many it’s only epic and perhaps legendary they can raid.

I still need it for Allosino and Utahasino.
Most of my alliance hits it for Advantage teams.
Wont say no to Carbo though.

I would give you my sino dna if it meant changing that raid to something better.

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It’s Ludia. When have they made raids better? The original 4 were okay. Then they thought we needed Indom and IndoR for reasons.

Gorgotrex was a complete disaster from Hadros and Cera in terms of evolution.

Wun be surprised they bring in Nodopatotitan and Darwinopterus.

My pterovexus is 29, almost 30. Only Darwin is holding it back. But I don’t think I’d want Darwin as the raid either. Don’t make me throw up talking about nodopato.

The sinoceratops raid boss is arguably one of the most needed ones. It helps beginner players practice raids on an easy target, and gives older players the chance to do a relaxing easy raid. I would say more epic raids would be beneficial possibly even more challenging epic raids for a mild group between epic-legendary, but I personally feel we have a good roster of raids currently. The sino raid isn’t primarily about the reward for some players, it’s the fun of playing around with your alliance members and friends and trying different strats.

Yeah and they can have the exact same experience if it’s a different creature. I’m not saying make the raid harder. I’m not saying make them longer. I’m just saying change the creature. The raid can still be 1 turn per round. Don’t care about that. I just want something different.

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How about they just add an epic raid on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Instead of deleting it entirely.

And remember apexs/legendaries/ uniques don’t have to be included those day. That would end up interfering with the tourney. However adding some more those days would be nice

Uhm no… weekend its tournament and frankly I’m just glad to have about 1 day peace and quiet… it’s been suggested a while ago to step away from boss raids on the map but to just add them to a tab, like PvP and campaign are right now. That way it’s also easier to add a boss to a day because they don’t clutter the map, interfere with darting or getting supplies and there’s no more need to pass the lobby.

I do agree they shouldn’t clutter up the map. However epic raids don’t contribute too to much time usage, so having them Monday-Sunday wouldn’t affect things too much. I would say an epic raid takes max 15 minutes, usually less. I can see where you are coming from @Poezzzie, but due to epic raids being a fun practice raid means it won’t affect time management within the game too much.

Keep Rex in super close geting indoraptot