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Time to start playing the long game

Since picking the game back up sometime earlier this year after a decent layoff I have been able to make some pretty good progress with my collections and park. Today I managed to fuse my 1st tournament hybrid in Gorgosuchus, by the end of next week I plan to have my 1st Spinotasuchus fused leaving only Tape and Indo raptors as far as sDNA hybrids go (I have very little Euop sDNA). Other than that I’m missing around 10 tournament dinos, 5 actual VIP exclusive VIP’s and the rest of the tournament hybrids (I have ingredients for a few and close to ready)

So with that being said I feel like I’ve officially entered the later stages of the game, where progress starts to come a little slower. 20k DNA doesn’t get much accomplished and is just a small piece of the puzzle, hatch times are routinely a 5-7days. At this point any real progress is gonna take a good bit of time especially if i’m trying to maintain the balance and depth of the line up.

I guess I’ll just keep chugging along, probably work on lvl 40ing the rest of my rare and super rare hybrids and building up some more tournament dinos to lvl 40 and fusing their hybrids.
Eventually I’ll start working on getting multiples of my legendary hybrids before I take them much further than they already are. I guess my Ptero’s are a little weak but can’t say i use them much, Ptero specific PvE mainly, either way maybe i should work on getting a few of the tournament flyers to lvl 30 or so.

Time will tell, slow and steady, settle in for the long haul.


This is where I’m at as of recently.

And it is slow going.

I think once I have the Indo hatched in large numbers, more or less 1 copy of everything and the story missions complete, I’ll be done. (I may even do a L40 Indo sacrifice/sell for the badge.)

I’m grinding out what I can (but I’m loosing interest after 2000 trophies) and this game has been a great COVID distraction. But, once COVID passes, I think this game comes out of the passing lane for me and back to the slow lane.


Yeah, I like collecting/making new dinos and leveling them up but with progress being pretty slow at this point I imagine I won’t be as invested into the game. Probably only hopping on for tournaments, doing just enough for CoT, and working the trade harbor a bit.

I’m still missing around 10 tournament dinos and lately haven’t been chipping into that at all with all the new dino’s and CoT giving things I already have unlocked from battle stages.

I have around 14k raptor sDNA so i could definitely make a few, but I’m not quite ready for them yet, plus i need the DNA for 5 more I rex’s, 11 If i want to make a few Gen 2 Indo’s.


I’m in almost the same spot.

It just is demoralizing that I can only add 2 tournament hybrid dinos a week due to high DNA costs. I have a “plan” to get to the Indoraptor, but it will take months.


Think I’m almost where you are both at. I’ve started more recently (I think), but have most of my current unlocks up to about level 30 tournament level, but I’ve still got a lot of tournament unlocks left.

I’m trying to decide how I go further from here as it seems the game actually provides disincentives to move forward (ie a level 30 tournament is good enough for dominator battle but a level 40 costs double the DNA, has a longer cooldown and makes your pve matches more difficult).

I think the game needs to provide more incentive to level past level 40 legendaries, as there is no real need to if you are looking for dominator finishes and completing pve.

I’ve tried to work on my aquatic lineup but it just takes forever and literally has no effect on the game (I could complete all the pve with 3 level 1 super rares if I wanted). I guess the occasional boss battle but really that isn’t much incentive as all the missions only give like 20,000 DNA which as you mentioned is a drop in the bucket.

I reckon my next goal might be to bring all my Jurassic tournaments up to level 40, try and unlock all the hybrids and see how I go from there. I’ve started skipping events that I don’t think are worth it and will probably see my progress slow way down, but aside from spending tons of money I agree with you both that it is the long game from here.


The longer cool downs definitely start to become a problem from here up. I can pretty much use everything I have now 2 times a day, other than the Unay hybrid. Which is perfect for tournaments. Without backing up everything I already have I’ll be losing some usefulness. And i currently like how I have been able to do tournaments lately with fairly minimal effort. Just battling twice a day at most with my top 10 teams or so (aside from the 1st morning run)

I was planning on buying a 2nd Gorgosuchus on Wednesday discount but not sure if i should save/use that DNA for something else. I am on one of the I-rex story missions, I think the 2nd so maybe i should just buy another I-rex to knock it out, wait for the next and fuse the 2 lvl 10s i would have to knock it out quick.

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That is a good I-Rex plan.

Gorgosuchus is also always a good purchase as it is the strongest Amphibian in the game, you’ll never out grow it.

That was my first tournament hybrid and I hatch 10 of them over time. Still all sub L10 (L6 maybe for a 10hour cool down) and I use them in tournaments.

I have 26 Herb-Amph-Carno tournament teams. I can put up 2000 points in two sittings now. I’m getting tired of tournaments, so this is really nice. (Bring out a long string of bosses?)