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Time to vote. Choose what YOU want to happen (Ludia this is for you)

Ok, so ludia has decided to do maintenance tomorrow. I have made a thread collecting everyone’s suggestions for the boost issue. Let’s make sure ludia takes the right direction. @J.C or any other mods if you can, all of us here would appreciate it if it’s possible to relay the winner and their suggestion to ludia’s team. If you need any more information on the winning suggestion, message me or the winner.

The suggestions are

By Metahub:

By: @Tuophysis : 6 total boosts per dinosaur instead of 10 per stat meaning if you boost once in health and once in HP, you can only boost 4 more times. Boosts are removable for changing. Boosting cost starts at 5 instead of 2. speed is maximum of +20

By @King_Cloyd : boosts are not enabled until level 21, once the dinosaur is level 21 they can boost 1 extra time per level gained. Lvl 21 1 boost, lvl 22, 2 boosts, etc.

By @Dinocop : speed boosts provide a maximum boost of + 10, trophy system closes the gap to 25-35 trophies instead of 10-50. Back to old matchmaking system.

By @David_Courtney : speed boost maximum + 40, boosts go on sale at the shop on sundays only. Old matchmaking system

By: @Akerond : boosting restricted per rarity. Commons and rares 10 boosts, epics 8 boosts, legendary 6 boosts, unique 5 boosts. Speed boost changes to + 14 maximum.

By @Julien_Mayfair : boosts act as a trade off. SPD + is - HP, HP + is - ATK, ATK + is - SPD

By @Phil : 2 different arenas, boosted and normal. Boosted is high risk with increased rewards for battle.

  • Metahub
  • Tuophysis
  • King_Cloyd
  • Dinocop
  • David_Courtney
  • Akerond
  • Julien_Mayfair
  • Phil

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Get your votes in and MAYBE ludia will listen.

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I’ll close the poll either late tonight or early tomorrow.

Voted for @dinocop idea. Because in reality speed is the main problem. Not hp or attack stat boosts. But I also like tuophysis idea alot. A hybrid of those 2 ideas would be amazing honestly. Metahub thinking that stat boosts aren’t a problem is honestly just a joke :joy:


Yeah. Thought I might put it in there tho. And maybe a hybrid of the 2 would be great

Voted for @Dinocop too! Cause speed broke the game…

I personally voted for @Tuophysis because it keeps the meta different and exciting, also the max speed Thor is 129 then and it physically cannot have any extra attack or health. So it turns it into a glass guy. And any raptor with a boost would outspeed it

Dont see any options I think would fix this mess, but do see some that may adress a few issues.

Sorry I didn’t have a lot of time to collect info XD. For now just pick one you think would fix the most I guess

The boost systems if the WORST NERF FOR WHOLE COMMUNITY.

I can’t seriously understand why people

  1. Accept it
  2. Comes with ideas to defend it
  3. Are willing to pay more money for letting it stay.

This is a GENIUS draw from L !

EVERYONES dinos will derank the same amount everyone else will boost their dinos.

So when top-players pay tons of money,to keep it up with them, you will need to spend same amount of money.

BEFORE everyone (free players AND players who spend) got a chance to play in top 500.

Forget about that with boost-system.

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Then vote to try and change that.

I voted none. Shoulda been an option.


Whatever they are doing is already slated to go live tomorrow morning.

They have already decided what they will do, but they dont want to share that info with us.

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Didn’t find one you like or want to keep the current system?

You act like ludia dosent make last minute changes. For once that may work in our favor.

If you want the in depth idea here it is

I changed a couple of things in the poll but yeah


So yeah. Of anyone wants to read it, there we go

Rip Metahub. I love ya but damn no one likes your solution apparently.

Longest quote in history right there

Don’t know it it went through but I just didn’t see one I liked.

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