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Time to vote. Choose what YOU want to happen (Ludia this is for you)


Theres no way they do separate arenas. If you can play without boosts then people will just do that. Why p2w two ways when you can just do one? Ludia would lose out on almost all boost sales.


What did you say? If you could play without boost nobody would play the Boosted arena? I guess that would let Ludia know what the players want then wouldn’t it? :smiley:

Why couldn’t they do a separate arena? They already have 2: tournament and non tournament.


Yours makes a lot more sense than the other options

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Thank you.

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  • Roll back all boosts… again
  • Reimburse the PROPER amount of cash, NOT thousands to random players that spent $0
  • Don’t sell boosts AT ALL
  • Laugh at my suggestion of Ludia not making boosts about money
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It’s over. Gonna have to let it go Mystic


time to suggest again:
wipe all boosts from jwa and lets play.