Time vs cash question

I saw the new special offer in the store and wanted it…
Then thought about how I only have a chance at velociraptor in it. (I just need velociraptor and trex)

I feel it is better to go with the Face Your Fears Incubator 18 times due to cost but it does have a much higher time requirement to manually get those dinos.

Not likely to get the equivalent epic dna from the scents but that is my conundrum.


I was looking at that myself and since I’m not interested in the rare DNA for this event, I’d only be interested in T-rex and raptor DNA. Considering you only get 318 epic DNA that’s the equivalent of 3 - 4 T-rex for the average darter. You’ll get more T-rex then that in 18 of the scents.

You’ll end up with lots of raptor and tany. Way more then the incubator.

The only thing you MAY get is Indoraptor DNA. But realistically, you’d get perhaps a max of 16. Hardly worth the gamble and dino dollars.

So long post made short. In my mind the scents are the better choice. I don’t mind putting in the time.

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That is where I am leaning too. I renewed vip because of how much fun I’ve been having again and with the scents I’ve averaged 230 per raptor.

Thank you for your input as sometimes when I think it over in my head I end up questioning myself and run in circles.

I’d go with a scent over an inc 100 times out of 100. It’s not that the incubators are bad. They’re expensive, and I can get the same DNA in an hour of hunting on my own, let alone an hour of hunting on my own with a scent rolling.


Awesome, thank you.
Does walking with a scent active cause more than the 1 per 2 minute spawn?

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yes! :slight_smile: You always get one spawn when you deploy your scent in motion or not.

But once deployed, if you move at least 50ish meters per 2 minutes, you should see 2 spawns at 18 minutes, 16 minutes, 14 minutes, 12, minutes etc all the way to 2 minutes (you do not get a spawn at zero).

So not in motion? 10 spawns. In motion? 19 spawns.


With the Halloween incubator it seems daft not to pay the extra 20 for it over the scent as you get the scent in the incubator giving the darts and odds and soda for free or am I misreading the above post?

How many times can we buy the halloween incubator? I am about to level up and get that one time offer and need raptor dna for indoraptor…

Can buy it 3 times

I’m not sure there’s a limit if your talking the 220 cash one. I’ve had 4 of them lol. I need the vraptor for indo.