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Time Warp

Starting to feel like we have gone back a year. I’m facing a lot of insanely boosted Thors and seeing more and more Rats emerging.
This game seems to struggle with being progressive!!!

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DC is probably because of the buff (and that the hybrid sucks, even as a cunning it’s too slow for that), and Thor… Because it’s one of the only endgame fierce creatures that you can really use.

The whole game would greatly benefit from more endgame fierce creatures.


i agree with the fierce creatures, but idk about the dracorat hybrid. ive never seen it so idk what it does

I have her on my team (decided to play with favourites, and I do love her design). She’s far too slow for a cunning creature (I think she’s about 10 points slower than Procerat) so on top of resilients making short work of her, most other cunning creatures do the same. The only immunity she has is swap prevention (which DC also has).

DC is preferred since it currently is a fierce creature, whereas Dracoceratosaurus has inherited exactly 0 fierce moves from it. The stats on DC are arguably better (100 less attack, 2 less speed, but a significant amount of higher HP).

Since the boost event is coming soon, I dumped about 10 speed boosts in her and she’s still struggling against most other dinos (lv 26).

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do you think it should be a wild card instead? cause from the sounds of it, it should be.

rat…that gives me an idea… add a new creature in the game… a rat!


I think her moveset needs to be changed just a little, perhaps allowing her a small part of her fierce heritage, and her speed stat greatly buffed if they want to keep her this way. She has the feel of a cunning creature, but something doesn’t quite add up.

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true, im not good with stats. attack wise I’m not sure

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