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Time Zone Issues

I am on the west coast of the US and for the last two nights, I have lost my turtle DNA because the daily challenge ended at 9 pm, one hour earlier than normal. Both nights I was just about to finish it when it rolled over to the next day. What gives? Has the timing changed for events? Is Ludia using a sundial to tell time?

All resets happen for everybody around the world together. (I.e.right now; EST at 12:00AM, CST at 11:00PM, Mountain Time at 10:00PM, and Pacific Time at 9:00PM. The game clock does not move forward and backwards with the DST time changes so when we adjust our clocks, the reset times change for us. This is probably because the game is played world wide and not every country recognizes or changes their clocks for DST. To change the time for one region breaks it for another. Probably one of the reasons for having the reset happen for everybody around the world together instead of by region is to help prevent spoofers from time zone jumping to extend time for an event or to start an event before they are supposed to. I think I wouldn’t be happy if I lived in a region where the reset was at 6:00PM in the afternoon.

When the clocks fell back an hour a couple weeks ago unfortunately so did all the reset times.

Next Spring when the clocks jump ahead an hour the reset times will go back to what you were used to.


Thanks @James_Simmons, but seriously? It’s not regional?? That seems crazy that something so simple cannot be managed. My phone knows what time it is.

Anyway, do appreciate the explanation. And yeah, would hate to be in a time zome that resets at 6.

I’m on the west coast myself and the time change always worries me when it comes to opening enough incubators to complete daily missions. Sometimes I “save” strike towers for the next set of missions or save some battle incubators just in case I am short one. I always feel like I am rushing to complete missions. :confounded:

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My reset time is 6 or 7 am. So luckily I don’t have problems completing missions in time.

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A reset time while a person is sleeping is the best. Finish before going to bed and new dailies are started when you wake up.

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