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Time zone raids what's allowed?

Someone said about TOS changing doing a raid outside your timezone ? I have an international alliance with 50 people all over the globe including 18 from america about 20 Brits and a few Oz and Asia,

If I get invited to a raid from a fellow team member I’m in UK their Oz does that mean I’m breaking the rules ??

They would want the fellow team mates to raid with

idk what thats about. But nothing is stopping you from doing raids outside your time zone. There’s no rules against it. If completed, then you get your boss dna for that week and doing a raid in your time zone wont change that.


Yes. For example, I raided Stygi last week on MONDAY with a friend in a different time zone. Same happens sometimes with an alliance member who is in a different time zone, I sometimes end up raiding Ceramagnus on Wednesday

You are not. I have done that before. But you can’t become the raid leader I think is the only thing. Just note that when it’s time for you to have that raid. You can’t get the big incubator. Only the minion incubators.

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That’s all rubbish, there’s no TOS changes in respect of that. Ludia cannot even put such a thing in TOS. If they don’t want people doing it outside of their own timezone (which I’ve not heard they do) then they need to change the game to prevent it.

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Cool someone mentioned it on a server I thought it was weird

They can pass the lobby to you

If the leader (and anyone in front of you) leaves, you normally become the raid leader. But if you join a raid that would normally be the next day, and everyone leaves. You still have to leave, I had this happen. I join a Indoraptor raid (that would show up the next day) and everyone left, and I was going to hit the retry but the game wouldn’t allow me. I believe ProC has a video we’re this happens. But I could be wrong, maybe they changed it.

No rules against it. I do almost every Apex raid the evening before they’re released in my time zone. I only get the Apex DNA once – when I help more people on the proper day, I only get the smaller reward incs.

Only thing is, if someone transfers you a lobby (invites you and then leaves so you become the leader), if you lose the raid, you’ll lose the lobby – you won’t have the option to retry. You only get the retry option if someone in the raid has the boss in their timezone.

I think the wording in the change is what matters. It’s to justify banning the cheaters who exploited a bug to get double Apex DNA weekly.



perfectly normal and a good way to do things we spread ours out over probably 3 timezones so it spreads the load