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Timed Events in game?


Here’s another suggestion because i’m on a roll.

How about timed events popping once in a while ?

Stuff like " Double gold gain" or “Double XP” for a day ?

Or Character events such as " Halbenet’s day" where he has a 20 % bonus to HP and Damage or an higher chance to drops cards for said character ?


this is cool, great idea


Good idea! Alternatively, there could be event dungeons based on the archetypes.e.g. Mon/Wed/Fri (Sturdy/Skill), Tue/Thu,Sat (Tough/Mighty) and Sun (all). Giving one more reason to level up all different characters


Anything to provide motivation to play the game would be nice. I stopped playing about a month ago, but check back every once in a while to see if another update has come along to make me want to play again.


Yeah, motivation is a HUGE problem.
I’m down to logging once every couple days since they messed up (voluntarily ?) Durnan’s Store. The daily quests aren’tmuch better to bring me to play either.

Been stuck at the same “Story” mission for about a month because the game is a vicious circle.

Characters arent strong enough to progress So i Need Equipment to level them up

I need equipment to level them up efficiently so they get stronger but all i drop are crappy commons that still lower my stats

I keep grabbing crap equipment from the single challenge i can finish with a level 8 crew ( sharpstone)

Rinse and Repeat


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:dragon_face::closed_book: We think you’ll enjoy the new features planned in Update 6 rolling out soon!


Sweet, I love hearing that! Can’t wait


Cool! Bring it on :dagger::shield::bow_and_arrow: