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Timeout contacting the servers. Please check interenet connection

Hello, if anyone apart of the ludia team or someone who knows how to fix this problem please comment below. Today when I went to play Jurassic world the game it kept on saying “Timeout contacting the server. Please check your Internet”, so I did but it still didn’t work, so then I tried everything I knew about these problems and tried it on this problem, still it didn’t work.

But if your apart of the ludia team you know more than me so please tell me how to fix this, I have got a monthly VIP on my account.


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I’ve had this same problem since yesterday afternoon. It can’t be the internet, since I can access other mobile games just fine, and those aren’t offline. This also comes very quickly, not after long time of trying to connect.

Yeah same, I can do everything else fine one every other device and the one I use but I can’t acess the game on my device , I even tried on other devices but It still didn’t work.

Same thing with me since Saturday. With Jurassic World the Game and Dragons: Rise of Berk, for they are both from Ludia, but all the other apps that I have work. What’s going on with Ludia?!

I have also with this problem I had problem from day before today. The game is game’s server connection is lost. Please fix it Ludia.

If you have not already, please contact so that they can investigate.
Thank you

Keith, if you have some general solution to this or some information, please post it here. You’re flooding the support with this kind of answer when this is something that happened simultaneously.

The only response from support I’ve gotten from support so far is that they are continuing to receive a large influx of tickets and that they are processing them in the order they came in. The problem still persists. Any news on this?

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Yaa this same thing happened to me too! This game was the only thing giving me entertainment. I have contacted support, but they won’t reply back within at least 4 days, at least that’s what happened to me many times.

So I tried installing another copy of this game on Bluestacks instead of the tablet. The game worked that way, but didn’t have my data. So this isn’t simply a matter of a game server that is down.

It took me three days after initial contact to get a response from Support. Then, after my own somewhat tardy response we’ve gotten I’ve finally gotten a useful suggestion from Tyler: We’re going to try to move my data from my old main account to my new JW:TG account on Bluestacks. The only complication here is that I cannot access the support key or the identifying information of the account, since the error message is immediate and blocks access to the loading screen, but I have provided them information related to my account that might help support in locating my account despite the lack of support key. So, if Tyler & the support team are able to locate my old account and port the data, I’ll be able to get back to the game again.

That said, those of you who have bound their accounts to FB should try an uninstall-reinstall route, possibly changing to another device if that doesn’t help.