Timer for catching dinos and make strike events dissapear


So your walking along and see an epic! Oo goody. So you get closer and bam it dissapears. If only I had launched sooner! What we need is a timer on the dino for how long it will last before moving even maybe as a vip option (it would add to its value) thoughts?

Also when you win a strike even it should completely dissapear so the dinos don’t become inaccessible. Thoughts?


Maybe they could have the blue and yellow glow start flashing or pulsating 1 to 5 minutes before it disappears so you know to hurry and either take the chance to get close on time or grab it as soon as it’s in the big circle. Something is better than nothing.


I already suggested this lol


Ha yeah so we should keep suggesting. We need more players to talk about it but apparently theres more pressing issues in game. However when u lose out on a Trex that is pressing hahah


That was the reason why I suggested it lol I lost a trex