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Timer wrong?

I was doing the challenge where you have 25 tries in a two hour period. I had 7 or 8 tries to go and the event went away. According to the timer I had something like 48 minutes left

Hey Mkb617, I’m sorry that happened, and I will notify our team!

In the meantime, could I ask you to contact our support team at with your support key?

In my case I left the app, went back to main screen and came back to app, had 23 tries and at least 1:40-1:50 left, both gone.

See also post by German… on the moment of glory thread

I tough this was only me but it seems a lot more comon than it should be, i hope i could get some help whit this since i have been waiting for this all day i realy whant to get nayeli please help.

Hey German_Gallardo, could you remove your support key from your post? It should only be shared with our support team.


I have seen this several times now. I just realized that my timer disappeared at exactly 2pm my time pst. I wonder that had anything to do with it

Sorry didnt knew it was like that

Hey Ned, same exact thing happened to me. I ran about 4 of the 25 free runs, took notice of about 25 hours left on the challenge. when I came back 3 hours later and the event was gone!

Mine only had 2 hrs to start with

It should only have two hours to start with. I was able to get in a dozen runs. Not too bad.