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You know what’s super freaking annoying? These special people who wait until the final countdown to make a move. Really? We got like 3 moves to choose from yet these people are going to wait til the timer is down to 0? Just pick a move and move on. You’re dead no matter what when battling me. :wink: Pull the freaking bandaid already.

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I fully agree. Especially when they then go and pull a pointless move or swap that costs them the match!

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If the move is the default one, they’re likely unable to pick a move because A) their game has crashed B) That freaking “Can’t touch this!” bug that won’t let you pick an attack.

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Not talking about the bugs. Trust me, I get them but it’s the ones who pick a move that clearly aren’t crashed.

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Haha. Those ones are funny. They are just trying to fight the inevitable.

I know but it infuriates me. :slight_smile:

I have tested this, it sometimes helps. Opponent gets bored and they also stop playing and then you can start playing again and get an easy win. I was told this by another player and had to test it, haven’t done it after that, so don’t attack me please.

Since players cannot surrender matches they have no hope of winning they sometimes get annoyed and just do things to waste the other players time. Swapping, running the clock out.and annoying moves just to waste time.

The faster they make a move the quicker the current match will be over and they can get to another one.

The worst case is what happened to one of my friends. He was winning, but they both had only tanks left. So opponent stopped playing and well the battle got timed out so he didn’t win. Maybe that’s what they are trying to do, I don’t know. It’s really annoying, even more if you are trying to get couple of fast battles done.

I always do this when someone rats me :slight_smile: I wait til the last second with every move until the end of the match. That’ll teach them! (unfortunately not, but I like to believe it does)