Timing out...mid battle?!?

So…for some reason lately this seems to be happening quite a lot:

I start a pvp battle, wait for it…it starts, we’re halfway the battle, screen goes pink and half a second later the game says the match timed out. Like rly TF is all that?

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Some of us suspect an exploit. Could just be a bug, bad connection. If you close JWA and launches it again you might be able to return in time to win the battle but given how long it takes these days to start the game, I am afraid it is no longer possible.


yeah…I didn’t have that before the last update though…just makes me wonder how they even call this all an update…it’s got more bugs, glitches and issues than prior to it

I have had similar situation several times, even before this update. For me it is not bc of the connection issue as there is no sign saying that there is a bad connection, restarting the game does help to bring it back though. There are also times when the battle was actually on but the players were not aware of due to system glitches, followed by autopilot and trophy loses.