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I just started my upgrade to Fishery level 8 and it made me think: what’s the point of waiting for building upgrades? There’s already so many timers in the game and I understand slowing down progression to prevent quick level capping, but this one seems quite pointless. There’s no reason for buildings to go unusable for any amount of time really after spending the resources, let alone two days.

I would also like to point out that doing the repeated quests is a waste of a player’s time. These are always severely underpowered (again, I understand this is for easy resource farming), so why not just let it be an exchange of energy for the resources? They are no where near useful for testing out teams because the level is over before abilities can be used several times and even my lowest level dragons could easily complete the level.

I love the game, I enjoy playing it; I just want my time to be put towards advancement and not pointless time grabs.

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I understand what you are saying and partially agree - certainly about the upgrades to buildings. But with the repeatable quests they need to be fairly easy so you can complete some of Astrid and Hiccup’s duties and are stuck on exploration!

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Okay, that’s a good point about the repeatable quests. I log in at a frequency that allows for the normal 4 hour rotational quests to be useful for those quest requirements.