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Tiny treasure chests


I keep opening treasure chests that contain only 340 coins. Is this normal?


Its part of an ongoing event. They’ve increased the amount of coins you get from drops and scattered the chests for more coins.

They did this for winter since its colder for many of us and it’s not safe to walk around in freezing temperatures. Where I live at its suppose to be 7°F Saturday into Sunday.
Not good dino or pogo hunting weather.

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Come on don’t make fun of chest size it really hurts thier feelings.

You know what they say “… That matters is how you …”

And they don’t preferred to be called chests… The prefer to be called "completely binary coin supporters. "

All this looking at and talking about chests sheeesh it’s like 8th grade all over.


Lol just playing


Not all chest contain such low amounts Ive gotten 4400 chests and 2200 chests… but the vast majority of them are 440


I would love this type of chest event in the summer when I could get on my bike and ride all over going after as many as I could find. This cold and snow, kills the mood.


I’ve been getting 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 coins in chests