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Tip: I found gray scent capsules "epic" useful


It might be a „discovery of warm water“ or it is a good tip: I found that gray scent capsules are extremely useful. I was with dog walking and had activated the 4-5 min. scent capsule. The Baryonyks appeared and I darted 100 points as I was at her point „zero“. The next day I was again with dog walking and activated the another scent capsule, by coincidence on the same spot… and „voila“ … another Baryonyks. It fought a large gray scent incubator and have got idea to use it for a joke at the spot where I previously darted Baryonyks. And… yes (!) another one! It was a 20 min. lasting scent capsule and I was curious what will appear next. It was as usual…few rares, but the last minute again… another Baryonyks. That was a week ago and now I spare scent capsules just for that spot… and always I receive Baryonyks. That is not a coincidence. So…, when you activate the scent capsule and the epic appear, mark the spot (and time ?.. I was always with dawn but not exact time), and try once or twice again next time. I am curious if it really work or I was just with the „epic“ luck.

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I’ve never discovered any Epic lured by 5min capsule until now.:smiley:


I had a T-Rex appear from one yesterday while I was riding in a car. It was the first time I got an epic from it.


I’ve had about three brachiosaurus spawn from common scents, and yesterday I got lucky, and had two baryonyx spawn on a common. From observation, epics don’t spawn as often, and rares would every other capsule. I usually use 5-10 capsules per day.

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What I learned: Not the scent that’s useful, it was your dog.


Dinosaurs are scared of dogs…who knew! lol


ok… just to be sure and to check it … time without dog :wink: