Tip on no escape

Okay so for context he went for ferocious impact I went for stunning rampage

I stunned so I went okay at least I should regen before he hits me again and guess what I SWAPPED IF THE CROC OR WHAT EVER IS STUNNED IT NEGATES NO ESCAPE! while this was mentioned in the patchnited this could help anyone who is struggling in the tournament
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So did y’all know about this

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Like it just shocked me @Piere87 did you know this was possible

It was mentioned in the patch notes

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Lol seriously well I fell dumb still it great to know at least it works on stuff like sarco, stygidaryx, and purra although gyrpo is immune to this problem

Cause it the slowest

Unless it uses Immobilize on a stun-immune stunner like Paramoloch or Tuoramoloch, or it swaps in at the same time as a creature with SI-stun.

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Hmmm true but I don’t think any player would that dumb right?:joy:

I’ve faced opponents who use Instant Distraction on Indoraptors, Quetzorion, even Immune dinos like Magna.

But the SI-stun method is completely unpredictable. Suppose you want to swap your Grypolyth in against a Maxima, and your opponent predicts and swaps to Edmontoguanodon, there’s nothing you can do about it.

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True but it also has the lowest chance to succeed. But still this tip ( change the title) make me want to bring Eddie back in to deal with stygidaryxs, and sarcos

Although have you been able to do this

I don’t face opponents with No Escape dinos very often, only once in a while. It might work in the higher arenas.

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Ya honestly I just wish we didn’t have boosts so I could survive to use this to my advantage

Stun grypo while he regenerates


Completely forgot about that lol.

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Hmmm that could work but he would have to be very low to risk doing that especially against a stunner

Or, the simplest answer…eat it up with Thor or tryko, don’t care if he regenerates

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Lol :joy: perfect