Tips for a Begginer Player

I recently started playing JWA, and I actually enjoy it. I’m a beginner (Level 3), so I need some tips to become better. I focus on playing this game as F2P at the moment. I wonder if to actually get good creatures, you need to go out and find them, and how to complete the campaign because it seems to be challenging. You can also give some tips on how to get more bucks, coins, when to and not use them etc.

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  2. Save your boosts until to start unlocking Uniques.
  3. Focus mostly on leveling up the hybrid ingredients (and their hybrids) that you come across the most often. Even if the hybrids in question are no longer favored by the higher up players, creatures like Indoraptor or Diloracheirus are still going to be useful to you for a while if you happen across lots of Velociraptors, Dilophosaurus’, and/or Deinocheirus among others.
  4. Try not to level up any Legendaries, Epics, Rares, or Commons past level 15 or 20, no matter how tempting it might be. That DNA is better used to unlocking and leveling up any hybrids they do have and/or any hybrids they might eventually get, including the super-hybrids (even if it’s extremely unlikely, that may yet change one day).

Thanks for the tips. Do you always need to go out to get the best creatures?

Yeah. Unless you get lucky and a lot of green supply drops spawn within your drone’s range, although the giga scent really helps if you’ve got time but can’t really leave wherever you’re at for any reason

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Dart everything, even if you don’t need it yourself as you go along. Once you are in an Alliance, you have fellow members who might be after that DNA, plus you never know when something will get a hybrid.

Spin every supply and event drop. It’ll get you coins, FIPS, darts and boosts. Also, while it’s safe to do so where you are in the world at the moment, to start with get out there hunting. That is where you’ll get and find your DNA.

Good luck.


Yep dart everything. Ull ALWAYS need coins so spin as many drops as u can. For now only level what ur gonna use. Can waste millions. Get into an alliance as soon as u can. The sooner u get high enough to play in tournaments the easier itll b to get into a decent alliance.

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When I first started playing I also thought that going out and dart would make me progress faster. But it turns out that hunting makes a meaningless difference.

Relevant creatures are released extremely slowly in weekly events following a schedule. That’s how you make progress. It’ll take you ages to grow and develop a competitive team for arenas and tournaments.
(Let’s leave aside the fact that there are people who use modified versions of the game and you are always in disadvantage with them).

The best/fastest way to grow is joining a good alliance that performs well in monthly tournaments, so you can unlock and upgrade to 23-25 one new unique every month for strengthening your team. Plus those alliances would score 10/10 weekly providing a lot of free DNA. The issue is that you need alliances able to score tier 8-9 and those don’t usually take in new accounts (you wouldn’t meet the requirements).
So, start finding yourself a good alliance and move to a bigger one as you grow :wink:

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Never use your Hard Cash to speed up incubators or buy offers in the store, it’s a waste. You’re better off using them on buying coins during coin sales and boost sales. If there are none at the moment, do not use them on anything else.
Coins are as valuable as Hard Cash because they run out really fast, so be mindful while leveling up creatures. Are you going to use them any further? Do they need to reach a specific level for a hybrid? Stuff like Titanoboa Gen 2 will work really well for you in lower arenas, but don’t get to hyped and level them to 11 or more, because they won’t work for you in higher ranks and you’re wasting DNA you could use for current or future hybrids.
Also, join an alliance. Most alliances only require you to get at least 10 takedowns during tournaments, so when you’re able to compete, make sure you get them done.


Same I’m a beginner but im medium in jwtg
What’s the max level in jwa?

20 for the player and 30 for the creature

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So you can’t find the best creatures at all if you don’t go out, right?

Not exactly, well it depends on Zone and if the creature is event exclusive, etc. Like others mentioned if you join an alliance you can request or use sanctuaries to get creature DNA for working towards something.


I want to join an Alliance, but I don’t know which one.

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If you have Discord, join the Gamepress JWA DIscord and ask for one, you’ll find one that suits you in no time now that the tournament championship has ended

Why can’t I find Irritator Gen 2? I need her DNA to create my first hybrid (it’s going to take a while to get her second component, though), and why are only common and rare creatures on the map and not epic as well?

Irritator is a Sunday only spawn in the wild but she appears everywhere.

Another suggestion would be to download the free JWA Field Guide from the the app store. It’s a fantastic resource and let’s you know where and when to find the various creatures in the game.


Now that i see that u have to go outside ima not play jwa cuz idk what grass is

Thank you. Do epic creatures normally spawn on the map? I only find the common and rare ones (sometimes Apex).

Yes, they do but as Epics they are harder to find in the wild.

Welcome to Jurrassic World Alive!

What level are you at?