Tips for a creature

I am a relatively new player to the game and have been playing since a month,my best creatures are a level 15 t rex,level 12 velociraptor,Amargocephalus level 13,I just got a procerathomimus today,any tips for using it? It works great,but the evasive stance is quite risky as it is based off chance,when do I activate evasive stance and when not is my question,if possible I would love some tips .

Thank you to anybody willing to help.

I would not use evasive stance a lot just because the payoff is not worth it…:hushed:

It’s strength is against dinosaurs that can be distracted.

The evade still has a pretty decent chance of avoiding 66% of the damage. I may use evade if my opponent cannot be distracted and doesn’t have a nullify attack to have a chance at surviving to be able to use the Distracting Rampage for the 2x damage. I’ve had dinosaurs wiped out due to an opponent’s Evade that I couldn’t remove.

@The_Ultimate_Spino yeah!I have tried so,I use it as my first move in general , and then go for distracting rampage,if I nessecarily need a move to save myself from the opponent and it is a high chance of losing,I would rather go for instant distraction.