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Tips for completing Gobber's Duties

Okay, so ever since the new Gobber’s Duties were introduced, there have been a number of complaints (mostly from players less far into the game). I thought I’d share some tips for completing them successfully. (Note that some of these will vary or may be missing depending on your progress.)

One general note to keep in mind is to make sure you have duties. If the game hasn’t unloaded from your device’s memory and gone through a full login, Gobber’s Duties often don’t reset. (Switching to another app and back to trigger a second refresh sometimes helps. Hopefully Ludia will fix this one of these days.) Nothing is more aggravating than going through the motions to complete the day’s Duties and then realizing a) you didn’t get credited for it and b) you now can’t complete them because you’ve “expended” your ability to do so uselessly.

Daily Login

If you need help with this, sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you :wink:.

Open 2 Card Packs

This one is dead simple. Just log in twice, at least six hours apart¹, and collect your mystery pack. If you’re in a hurry and have saved up card packs in your mail (usually from gauntlets), those also work. (In this way, it is sometimes possible to get your daily pack “first thing in the morning”.

Note that token packs are not card packs.

(¹ This doesn’t mean you can’t log in more times during those six hours, just that you have to log in, get your pack, then log in again any time after six hours have passed when another pack is available. If you can log in during the day, even for a minute or two, you should easily be able to collect three packs per day.)

Send Toothless in Exploration

As long as you don’t tie up Toothless for more than 24 hours, this one is easy. Sending Toothless to look for collection items is probably the most productive, but sending him one one of the explorations that is below the free speed-up time also counts, and will let you knock out two tasks at once.

Get X Fish / Get X Wood

If your resource gathering game is in order, this should be easy. At earlier points in the game, the main annoyance will be low gathering times that require you to log in more often. Once you have gatherers that have 5+ hour gathering times, this will be a lot easier.

If you’re having trouble, take a close look at what dragons you are using to gather. In the long run, you want to focus on higher-rate dragons with collection times of at least 4 hours. (Any less and you’ll defeat improved rates with how often you have to log in to keep sending them out.) Earlier on, however, it might be more helpful to have dragons with modest rates but very long gathering times. The real trick is to not invest resources in dragons that aren’t going to be very useful, at least before you’re far enough along to have resources to burn.

Train 3 Dragons

This one can be difficult, depending on where you are in the game. The best advice is to try to train some lower level dragons that take less time, and upgrade your Academy. (Keep an eye on times when upgrades are discounted.) If you only have one slot, you’re going to have to try to squeeze in dragons that can train faster. The more slots you have, the easier it will be to cycle more dragons through. Fortunately, you are more likely to have more slots by the time dragons take a long time to train. If you’re having trouble, though, keep an eye on which dragons take longer to train, and don’t tie up all your slots with those.

Use Speed Up 1 Time

By far the easiest way to complete this is to send Toothless on an exploration that is below the free speed-up time. Do that, and immediately use free speed-up. Two Duties are done.

If you can’t do that for some reason, you can try to keep around some level 3 dragons that you can train and speed up either immediately or in 10 minutes or so. (If you can find any easily, do that and release them after one round of training, replacing them with a new level 1 dragon. This can also help with the ‘train dragons’ duty.)

Defeat 5 Dragons in Brawl

Despite what a lot of people might tell you, this one really isn’t hard. Brawls only become unwinnable when you fight a lot of them in a day. The difficulty resets periodically, and decreases (but only to slightly below “even”) with every loss. Don’t be afraid to lose. For this duty, you don’t even need to win, just defeat at least one dragon per fight, and you can lose six fights for every win and still come out even. If you only brawl just enough to complete this Duty, you should be able to win both fights. Overall, if you alternate wins and losses, you won’t push up the difficulty until winning becomes impossible.

As for brawl in general, however, NEVER upgrade your three highest-grade dragons, as your opponents are based on your best three dragons, regardless of what you’re actually using to brawl. (This goes for gauntlets also.) Also, don’t bother with champions if they are many grades below your highest-grade dragons; the different between a rookie and a champion is only worth a couple grades at best.

Send 2 Dragons in Journey

This one is going to be among the most aggravating for less progressed players. Toothless is busy, and his journeys take too long anyway. Early on, you want to focus on using Stormfly and Meatlug. Stick to their “cheap” journeys; it will cost you 6 runes total, but you should be pulling down more than that in a day from other Duties and mystery packs. The main trick is that you need to log in at least three times in order to keep them progressing so that you can complete their journeys. If necessary, let them complete the last leg overnight.

The pain point here is that you’re stuck not being able to train these dragons until you have more riders. You may want to hold off training them until you have both Hookfang and Barf&Belch, then only train one at a time so that you can alternate between the longer (and slightly more expensive) journeys of the latter. Don’t worry about their lack of progress, though; Toothless is the only rider dragon that’s much good for anything besides journeys.

Once you have Grump, you can use him for journeys that cost iron instead of runes, but keep in mind you can only do this every other day. (Eventually, Hookfang has a journey for wood, but not until level 112.)

Participate in 2 Defend Berk Missions

This one is pretty easy when you realize that the goal is to participate, not to win. Make sure to attempt this when you have enough wood to cover the entry cost, then just retreat during the scouting phase. Repeat immediately (with a different dragon) and you will complete this in maybe a minute. Since you aren’t trying to win, it doesn’t matter how weak of a dragon you send; in fact, you might want to send a weak dragon.

This can be a little more tricky when you also have the weekly “Use catapult X times” goal, but even that is usually manageable.

Send 1 Legendary Dragon to Search

Again, this one is really easy, if you have Green Death. (Some players have reported getting this goal before they have Green Death, in which case, sorry, you’re up a creek; complain to support. Hopefully they will fix this.) Since Green Death only searches for 8 hours, you should easily be able to do two searches per day.

Complete a Raw Amber Trade with Eret

This one can be tricky depending on where you’re at. If you don’t have enough legendary dragons, yet, to be comfortably raking in more than 1,000 raw amber in a day, there may be days you just can’t do this. If that happens, use the chance to train Toothless or other riders’ dragons that would otherwise prevent you from completing some other goal. Also, until you do comfortably rake in the required 1,000 amber per day, resist the temptation to produce more than one polished amber per day, so that you have a stockpile built up. (Journeys and gauntlets are a good secondary source of raw amber, as is releasing dragons you don’t need. Both of Gobber’s journeys will often produce an egg, but unfortunately they take more than 1 day to complete.)

If you’re really desperate, you can try farming amber by repeatedly sending Toothless to search for eggs that have a search time under the free speed-up threshold. However, you need about a hundred or so eggs for this to be viable.

As a general tip, you may have noticed that quick-to-find, level 1 dragons can be useful for a number of duties. If you can spare the time, searching every day until you turn up a Monstrous Nightmare egg can help with several duties.

All this being said… if you can’t complete Duties for a day, don’t lose sleep over it. It is not the end of the world.

Do you have your own tips you’d like to share? Leave a reply!


For someone in another time zone who can play near the reset time, it’s possible to complete the duties even if toothless get tied up for less than 48h. That makes it possible to send toothless in a longer search or journey or training. But be careful with time.
I have a feeling that the output of the shortest journeys can about just cover the costs. Even before the new duties I have always been sending them to hunt for runes. It’s only after amber was added into journey rewards that they have trouble earning runes, but earning ambers is also quite good so I still send them.

robocat3 that write up was great. The time and energy to add to the community’s knowledge was outstanding. Thank you.

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Bah. You just have to be awake at midnight :wink:.

It costs 6 runes to do the two shortest journeys (Stormfly, Meatlug). You may or may not make that back from the journeys themselves. You will get more runes than that completing Duties. (Heck, you can get 5 runes for watching an ad…)

Robocat 3, I could kiss you!!
I have 78569 cogs in Defend Berk and I never once thought to ‘retreat’! Colour me gobsmacked!!
I have wasted so much wood and time waiting for it to reload. My speedups rarely work. Thank you!
I’ve only just tried it because I was collecting the keys.

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