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Tips for indominous Rex tournament

Hey guys, i just wanted to know some tips on getting into the dominater league and staying in it (the furthest I’ve gotten is predator). Would this lineup be enough?


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Ehh you won’t be able to unlock indominus, it’s possible to reach dominator with level 30 legendaries and level 10 vips but you don’t have enough depth, only the creatures above alangasaurus are worthy of mid to top predator. You could technically speed up eudi, T. rex, pteranodon teams an insane number of times with bucks but that’s not advisable nor possible with your bucks count.

It will take you 2 weeks or more since your lineup is shallow, I myself find level 40 super rares vital to get me top of predator without wasting my legendaries for it but you don’t seem to have them either.

So yeah just work on dna production, more level 30 legendaries, maybe level 40 super rares and common hybrids if you’re willing to spend dna on them, level 20 tapejalo/stegoceratops are useful if you can unlock them, and just hope you get more Jurassic vips.


What is depth

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Depth here is how deep or long the “usable” line up is. If someone has a lot of creatures that are near the ferocity of the top creatures (so that they can be used for pve too) they can be said to have a deep line up.


How many level 30 legendaries and level 10 VIP’s do you need?

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These creatures are going to lose a lot, possibly around 50% of the time. Possibly more. Most repeat tournaments need about 40 victories, with new creatures needing about 50 victories, to secure a Dominator League finish. So, you’re looking at 80-100 battles. And that’s if you’re lucky.

Edit: This thread offers some discussion from about a year ago on tournament fighting with lower level creatures.

I remember starting Dominator runs with level 40 Common Hybrids. It’s a grind


I don’t think that lineup will be enough. You need more teeth! Patience.


There’s no hard number, it depends on how many battles you get unlucky in and get super hard opponents.

From my experience, I have 24 creatures above suchomimus level 30 ferocity (Lvl 30 legends,lvl 20 tourney and SR hybrids, Lvl 10 vips) and 12 super rare level level 40s, this at 2 runs a day (didn’t have time enough this week for 3rds) got me 4 wins short of dominator finish in last week’s tournament

So a lineup of 20 ~level 30 legedaries backed by 10 ~level 40 super rares for mid pred should get you dom in 3 runs a day afaik

NOTE the ferocity difference between level 10 vips and level 30 ferocity also does matter as more vips you have the higher your win rate in top pred and possibly dominator bottom.

Andy, you brought tears to my eyes with linking that Thread. :persevere::laughing:

It was my first ever YOLO in this Game. Good memories.


Is this a breacketed tournament or not?


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