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Tips for My Team

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I have been losing like crazy at times. Any tips? I’m going for Monolorhino, after that I’m going for Ardentismaxima, then Erlidominus.

Yeah, looks like you just need to work towards better creatures, and you’re on the right track.

All creatures in your team are Gryo viable except Indo. Keep working on them then.

you working towards tenoto rex? also indoraptor gen 2 is pretty good

I wouldn’t say indo g2 is good. Anyone else get like tons of dna on tenato, it gives a lot of dna for me

I would start going for lania, right now your team is good for your roster, but it will need changes once you start getting better dinos, I think it will look a lot different in a few months since you have a bunch of apex dna

Your team is fine I would consider ditching indoraptor or antarctovenator in favor of a strong epic bc then you can level it up and have it strong in arena and tourneys stuff like entelochops or rixis or wooly or diplodocus

I’d say work on a replacement for Pho and Indo, and possibly Mono and Rixis in case they get nerfed. A few more raid viable creatures wouldn’t hurt either

Seeing how fast is ludia to nerf emergency case,i bet they will still be broken in a year or until 3.0

I love those 2. Indoraptor counters Thor really well, and Phorosaura is a monster. It counters many things for me. If we get a boost reset, I’m gonna run an unboosted Monolometrodon and boost my tenrex. I might replace sarcorixis soon though
Indoraptor Boost Set: 4/4/3(It counters most creatures)

I’m low on Moschops DNA. If you want to see a strong Entelochops, just see @koffibun’s!

Their not gonna be great in the long run, Spyx and Magna do that job better

Sure then, I’ll try working on Magnapyritor. Thanks!

I’d go Spyx, Mags is starting to fall off

I’m a long way from spyx. I used most of my erlikosaurus gen 2 on erlikkogamma, which I used until last week, when I unlocked Tenontorex. I’ll try though

It’s worth it tho, Spyx is proly best cunning

Ofc it’s the best cunning.

If spyx is too much trouble just get trebax he’s the better version

Not really, on paper Trebax is nice, but boosted it loses out on other attributes since it needs a lot of speed to function