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Tips for new players


Welcome to this “great” game! Here are some tips you should keep in mind playing JWA

  1. First of all it’s catching dinos. If you see an epic don’t even think of hunting something else. While you dart another dino the epic can be changed to something else. You saw an epic now you see a common dino.

  2. If you use a scent, never approach to any event strike. If you see it on your way, cross the street or just go in other direction. If a dino spawns close enough to event strike, you will never get it.

  3. By the way, if you battle in an event strike, never use stun hits or invincibility. The battle will be frozen and you’ll have to restart the game to continue. And, yep, you can easily lose because of that

  4. If you battle in regular PvP, don’t believe speed indicator. It might show that you’re faster, but it’s not true. So you have to check speed of dinos manualy every time.

  5. In a battle if you long-tap at skill, it will show how much damage it will cause. But… yep, don’t believe it, it’s broken too. So you should play with a calculator to check if you kill opponent’s dino or not.

  6. If you’re trying to find a battle and you see a screen “waiting for the opponent”, don’t let this count less then 1 minute. If you see 0m 57s, that means that the battle has already started without you so hurry up to restart the app so you could finally join it. But it will be almost hopeless.

  7. If you find an alliance, you will be able to ask for dino’s DNA or donate it. But it’s so glitchy that it’s better to restart the game before donations or collecting DNA. It might show that you’ve been donated 200 DNA, but in fact, if you restart the app, there might be more.

  8. And the most important tip: don’t try to report these bugs, it’s absolutely pointless. Some of them are actual for a half year, and Ludia really doesn’t care about them. But don’t be disappointed. Soon there will be new update and Ludia will bring here even more bugs. :smiley:

So, dear new player, enjoy this “great” game! :grin:


Ok, good post!

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That’s hilarious!
Its pointing out the bad things in the game :joy:

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Sometimes when you post a long post, it might get automatic flagged and a staff member will check it. I don’t know if you can do it on purpose, so at least a ludia staff can see your suggestions. Otherwise nobody will read it for sure.


But we face these bad thing every day, don’t we? :wink: