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Tips for team improvement


I feel like I could have a better team. Maybe switch in tryostonix for pyrritator? But I feel like at 16 it gets destroyed by everything. Could also probably get megalosuchus done.


your Tryostronix’s Lv is just too low for her to survive than 2 turn. but well, it seems your team is still lack of Tank-Buster (not count I.rex)

I’d take out Tragodistis or Alankylosaurus for Tryostronix just in case, because there are 3 Tanks in your team now (Stegod, Tragod, Alanky)

both Mono are pretty good, two raptor also good,


I think your team is quite balanced, but giving up a stegoceratops of 19 is a complicated decision.

It is curious the comparison between your team and mine. In general I think my team is a bit better with Tragodistis in 22, Stegoceratops in 21 and Stegodeus in 23 as best creatures but what surprises me the most is seeing you with Monomimus in 17, Monostegotops in 19 and Utasinoraptor in 18 !!

I would love to have a Utasinoraptor but I have not even managed to have Sinoceratops at level 15 because I usually get as much as one a month. I have to wait for him to go out in weekly events so that little by little he can go picking up. I have more than 7000 free DNA from Utahraptor waiting … but I may wait for years and when I get it I will be at level 23 or 24 on average and it will not help me at all.

Even stranger is that of Monomimus and Monostegotops. You have needed a lot of DNA from Monolophosauro, for me the most difficult DNA! The last time I saw one was I believe in the month of July. Last week I finally got Monostegotops but it will take years to evolve … and I can never have a Monomimus, one of the best creatures in the game.

I guess it’s a matter of the area but it’s still strange!


I have used stegoceratops for a looooong time but I felt like recently he underperformed pretty much every time I didn’t get 2 stuns off, which is not that likely. So I took him off my team trying to get something more consistent.
I did mostly get a lot of sinoceratops and monolopho DNA from events. 18x monolopho is a lot so is about 10x sino. But I have also gotten some monolopho from epic incubators (none bought only from strike events, arena) and I see one from time to time, maybe once a week.
Sinoceratops on the other hand I haven’t gotten any from incubators, but it spawns in my zone so I get that one quite frequently.


Stegoceratops has lost value with the last change but I understand that with your team, your rivals will have creatures around 20 and that would assure you two turns of stegoceratops and most likely a third thanks to the stunning and that is enough damage. It is true that in your case the comparison is between a stegoceratops of 19 and very harmful creatures of 17 and then the doubt is reasonable. In my case, the Stegoceratops is in 21 while the majority of substitute creatures (Pyrritator, Paramoloch, Rajasauro, …) are only in 16 and the decision is easy.


Tryostronix is definitely usable right from creation. If your opponent is faster, start with FS. If your opponent is slower, start with RTC. His 20% crit helps with additional damage at lower levels. But level him up asap.