Tips on approving my lineups?

What can I add to my lineup?


I would say work on more amphibians and pterosaurs.

And also fuse for an indominus, you have 2 max rexes and enough dna so you should add 2 level 10 indoms to your lineup imo.

I already have the indonimus Rex gen 1 unlocked but I fixed it and made an indoraptor to early and had to sel it. Should I buy more gen 1s?

Ah yes I remember you saying, it’s up to you, your carnivore lineup seems to be the most balanced so personally I would work on the other classes first.

Tapejalosaur for pterosaurs also get your trope to at least 30, maybe add another tupuxaura 30 aswell.

What tourney creatures do you have unlocked that you could work on?

Gryposuchus is a great amphibian if you won that recent tournament.

Also add a zalmoxes or deinocheirus for an attacky herbivore.

Thanks for the advice!
The only land tournament I have are the tupuxuara and metricanthosa. And for the tapejalasaurus, I still need 2 more monolophosaurus

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Do you have a lot of tourneys to hatch?

I see your vip so you should be winning 1 tourney creature per week from the gold wheel if you are actively doing the prize drop.

Note that I don’t have the carnoraptor unlocked I got those throughly trades.

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You got alot to get through, I would work on some of the tourneys you have unlocked, another 30 tupux will help eventually youl want to fuse it to max.

Your herbivores need the most work if theri is your top herb… zalmoxes is a good one and you have him unlocked, and you could work on some of the newer ones if you’ve made it to dom in the last few tournaments

That’s not my max herbivore the screenshots got messed up. Here is my max herbivores.

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Oh ok nice, I’ve got segnos now and they’re great as usually most herbivores dont have great attack so you could add a few glass cannons, zalmoxes, deinocheirus also iguanadons got fairly good attack if you won that recently, ankylodocus is also a must.

Work on some more amphibians aswell, tournaments are quite carnivore heavy so they will come in handy.

Acanthostega, ostaposaur and maybe grind some modded for more sarcho sdna