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Tips on Darting Uniques Please!

Hey there!

So, I’ve noticed a lot of people who post YouTube videos about Unique farting events say stuff like, “Ludia basically gave away a unique this weekend” or something similar. I’ve also watched people on YouTube dart uniques and easily get over 100 DNA with almost a perfect hit 100% or the time. However, I’m not getting anywhere near that. I’ve tried everything I know to do, but the most DNA I think I’ve ever managed to collect from a Unique is 71, with an average of about 30-45. I’m a level 18 player, so still about mid range at this point. I know the higher level player you are, the more DNA you will collect, especially with a direct hit. However, I must be doing something wrong to barely collect any DNA off a unique, even if I’m within perfect range.

So, tips, tricks? I know practicing farting skills helps, but when the movement pattern of uniques is so different from all the other dinos, and the fact unique events are few and far between, practice is almost impossible.

Thanks so much!!!

I have no idea how they do it. Even now I cannot dart most of the Epics can get more than about 50 DNA from a close up attempt.

Also, I think you mean darting.

Not exactly a good tips, if you close the game before timer finishes, the try doesn’t count. So you can “retry” if you think the darting session is not good. Hope I don’t get flagged for pointing this out lol.

@DJAlz I would‘ve told him via PM.


I can’t stop laughing… sorry. My farting skills aren’t that developed as well either :joy::see_no_evil:


I have my friends 13 year old kid do them.
All I can tell you is that he uses his thumb to dart by rolling it across the screen.
He also prefers we bring an iPad.
Android phones aren’t as responsive according to him.


I have no clear answer except training…
For epics ,legendaries and unique i have tried so many time than my average score now on legendary is close to 170
for example on a brachi:i usually do an average of 240.
You have to be fast and precise with a huge ability to predict where your shoot in gonna land and where will be the target at this moment

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You gotta stop watching those videos dude!


OMG :scream: how you did it

I umm… had my friends kid do it.
All I had to do was buy him a cheese pizza and a 2 liter of diet coke.


The kid wanted Diet Coke? This kid can dart though.

Respectaaaaa! 215 is really awesome… But when did we had a Tryko event? Must be long time ago

One trick I use is almost like a Kentucky windage. It is where I shoot ahead of the target and let the dinosaur walk right into the shot. I would say sometimes it works 9 out of 10 and others is a 50/50. Even so it heavily rides on timing and possibilities

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Tryko was during the St Patty’s Day event, along with several other Uniques…

Now that @W1ckety pointed it out, the device you’re using really does make a difference. Way back on St. Patrick’s Day, I had a friend who was newly into the game. I went out to gather unique DNA, and I put my account on his phone for the night and just used his phone instead of mine. His phone was better for the job, and I wanted to do all I could to boost my odds of getting the Trykosaurus. I was successful :slight_smile:

In a nutshell…
Lock & load, hit the road
reload more ammo ( darts ) lock & load hit the road… again…
repeat above steps a billion times over and over again
now your an ace player so got get them unique’s lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I get a lot of high end scores on darting with android. I’m not going to say them. They’re higher than average.

So what I do… slow but steady the first few. Speed up the middle and slow it down a little at the end 3 shots. Yes… Get the first 4 directs for sure, pick up speed midway try to direct of course get what you can,… and precise hit slower the last few.

Also, don’t jump ahead find out where the next target is before you move quick in any direction. A direct is worth more than 2 bad shots.

Note non vip has about 12 shots vip has about 15.

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Lol hahaha! Yeah, my phone often changes “darting” to “farting”, or maybe I hit the “f” instead of the “d”. Lol either way :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Thank you for the tip!

Lol I didn’t notice my typo until tonight! My friends and I were laughing so hard it hurt :rofl: