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Tips on food management

I am having trouble having enough food to level up all my Dino’s. My food production facility is at level 8 which I believe is the max since the upgrade option is grayed out. Leveling a legendary up from level 31 to 40 is several million food and I feel like I’m hatching faster than I can level them up.

Buy Apatosaurus fossils and wait for the trader to give you an offer, with luck you can get 900.000 food for one fossil.

I agree with @KentS although other decorations will do the same thing for lesser amounts of food. Depends how much coin you can spare to buy these decorations.

Food shortage can happen from time to time.
You can only hope for some good trade offers for food in the trade harbor. I always trade buildings, decorations and coins for food. If you are lucky you get an offer to get 20mio food or more for 40 to 50mio coins once in a while.
You need to be patient.
You can take a look here to see what is possible.


Here’s an offer I got just a few minutes ago. I always got one Hammond and one Apatosaurus fossil in my market ready for trades.


I typically don’t trade the VIP Buildings/decorations for food, but I would in a pinch. I’ll also trade common and rare creatures for food

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Here’s another one which I’m going to reject. I already have 90mio of food.


Thanks for all the helps guys. I will look out in the trade harbor for them. I like to use my VIP building and decorations to trade for Dino bucks.

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You can’t have have everything in life.

Most of my food comes from the trade harbor. Occasionally I get offers for coins for food. I had two today that were 30-40 million coins for 20 million food. So my food is pretty much maxed out and I was burning food buying mods to make the trades more useful.

If you participate in the Prize Drop Lottery per @Sionsith recommendations, I have typically gotten 3-6 million food per week from that. That includes using food for bronze tickets.

BTW, If you aren’t participating In the lottery you should. Over a full week its a no brainer.


So is it smart to just hoard everything because I’m on lvl 39 atm

I didn’t tend to “hoard” much at all at that level. Most hoarding was just saving things like DNA and DBs to use only when there was a discount available.

With food I generally just tried to plan for which dinos were most important for me to level up at the time. If I know I have some legendaries hatching soon for instance, I might hold off on leveling up other dinos and save my food for the much more expensive legendaries.

If you care about completing missions, find the thread listing those so you can plan ahead and “hoard” resources specific for what’s coming up, like not feeding dinos until you reach the next mission where that’s one of the tasks, or missions where you need to have certain amounts of food on hand.