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Tips on getting 5 Stars?

Does anyone have any tips on how to get a five star dragon? I’m level 32 with 4444 bp, I have a few four stars and all the three stars. I breed my gloomleers frequently but I never get a five star. Do you breed to get your five stars? Or do you do the drafts? Please help… ;~;

I recommend getting the 5 star breedery… and breed two 4 star dragons that have atleast 3 trainings.

Trust events. Do not ever rely on breedery, it’s basically worthless beyond 3-star breeding.

@Wirxaw The breedery is actually very useful at getting 4 and 5 star dragons.

Frankly, if Gladgut was one of the two 4s that I’d bred months ago - I wouldn’t be nowhere near where I am now. But… nothing since then, so I guess my luck has ran out. And, as such, all I can say is the personal truth - breeding is unreliable.

I had five premium draft cards and when I used them last night, I got two 5* dragons back to back. Then I used my runes on a 10+1 draft deal and got a third 5*.

May everyone be as lucky as you. Depending on what you got, that is…