Tips on lineup improvements

Hi everyone. I am looking to improve my lineup. Does anyone have any tips?

add more creatures of similar ferocity…

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ok thanks.

How’s your SDNA? Do you have enough to make more Diplosuchus? Do you have enough to get Monostegatops? If you can get Monostegatops, that will be nice. Looks like you need another level 30 Stegoceratops to make a level 40 though. For the way I play, I would want to get more herbivore meat shields (Monostegatops would be great).

If you can make Tapejalocephalus too. Basically, I say go for the super hybrid if you have the SDNA for them.

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I have about 2200 mono dna so when I eventually get a level 40 stego I could get a level 7 or 8 mono and maybe level 10 eventually

Yes, I highly recommend it. At level 10 it has 3084 health and 964 attack with a little over 10hr cool down (a little less than your level 30 Stegoceratops).

The problem is you only have enough to make one right now, so you would lose 2 useful level 30 Stegoceratops. Like @Flavio_Camargo said you need more dinos of equal ferocity at your top end. Just need a deeper bench. As for which ones, it depends how you play. I like Herbivore meat shields, amphibian glass cannons and balanced, Pterosaur meat shields, and Carnivore glass cannons and balanced for tournaments.

I would definitely do what @Bandeezee suggested. Apart from that I would suggest not to increase your dinos to max. For your line up lvl 5 monostego should be suitable, you don’t have to max it to lvl 10 (better cool down and a lvl 10’s ferocity might be more than your i-rex’s I am not sure).
What is your main dna source? To make the next big step (towards s hybrids) you would need a lot of dna, but I can see that your dna amount is quite low.

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Thanks for the advice @Bandeezee. I will try to deepen my lineup

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