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Tips on this battle?

This is crazy strong and I don’t even know how the game decided a level 35 was good? Anyways My strongest of each type are: Pterasaur: Tapejalosaurus level 20, Carnivore: Level 10 Concavenator/Baryonyx, Herbivore: stegodceratops level 20, Amphibian: Diplotator level 30.

Also: Im trying not to use any pterosaurs because I need them for the unlock event, but if needed I can use them

#2: The level 35 can one shot my strongest amphibian so I don’t really know what to do here

If you put a weaker amphibian 1st as a ‘sacrifice’ and store 1, you are likely to lure the Tapecephalus in to attack it. The AI usually prefers to switch in this situation although not quite always. Have your Stego next and use this to kill the pterosaur, then use the amphibian on the carnivores. This plan does rely on you killing both carnis with him, but after one has killed the Stego it will be poorly defended so should be quite easy to kill. You need to make sure you have enough defence that the last carni doesn’t kill your amphibian.

Good luck.

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Amphibian with at least 302 health in slot 1, strongest attack herbivore in slot two (if that attack is more than 527 with its boosted attack). Then strongest Amphibian in slot three if that amphibian has more than 527 attack when boosted or has a lot of health.

I would block one on turn one, depending on what the AI does I would either reserve the next round or continue to block until the AI gave me a question on what it has up its sleeve in terms of moves.

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UPDATE: I won the battle! Thanks for everyone’s help!


What worked? Be interesting to know.

I just finished haching another acrocantrosaurus so i used 2 level 10 acrocantro and my concavenor. When it started the bot switched to the lvl 35 right away so I used my acro to build up reserves and took a big risk to take it out. Everything else was just finishing the trex. After i had to vs the carno i took a gamble and went all out attack, it paid off since they went for a reserve kill. I noticed that if its a 1v1 then the bot would usually go for enough reserves to kill. (For example: Concavenor gets 2 hit so if the bot would have 4 action points and concavenor 3 reserves, it would use 2 block and 2 reserves. So you blocked on your next turn you would loose. Its a gamble because sometimes they use full shield

Well fought. Shows there’s all sorts of ways to win a battle. I’ve been caught out both ways though on that last decision - block or all out attack. Maddening when you pick the wrong one!

tips use dinos level 1 and dinos to make your opponent switch

In the 2nd fight, why use the level 1? You can only build one stored point before it is knocked out. Or has the AI already switched here?

I am more comfortable with a starting creature that can’t be one-shotted, although I do use the technique of making them switch.

By reserving 1 on Round 1, the Pterodactylus will have enough attack to kill the Priotrodon. It can survive two hits from Nodosaurus or a single hit from the Mastodonsaurus. From there he can swap or attack as needed.

Edit: Happy birthday

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Fair enough with that selection. But in general I prefer it when you can survive one hit so you can build up to 3 or 4 stored point and give your second creature 7 or 8 points to use when you sacrifice the first one.

Oh, and: Thank you!

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Generally speaking, I do as well. That said, I have become a fan of this method in tournament fighting because it is usually quicker and results in a higher trophy reward than having three equal creatures

Edit: When using very high creatures (with equally high cooldowns), it helps to minimize the good creatures used whenever possible. Unless your bench is super-loaded…


Well, at the moment I am mainly fighting tournaments with L20 VIPs and L40 legendaries, so haven’t got the top-level cool-down problem. Having read lots of tournament posts I had one try with a L1 common and my L20 Indominus, currently my top dino, plus a L40 Icthyosaur, but got absolutely chewed up by an amphibian with 2x my ferocity AND a high level carni, so I concluded I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Method noted for further down the line, though.

nodosaurus is basically the weak point of the team … he will swap for the amphibian but regardless of what he does I will have 3 points, he spent 1 point to swap and has 1…
I need 2 hits to exterminate the mastodonsaurus…

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Ah, clever, I hadn’t spotted that you were forcing him to swap at that point in the fight.

i did the same here i killed priotrodon with 2 and accumulated 1 and forced him to swap to kill the gorgosuchus XD

3 hits presto kill gorgo i attacked all 4 points lol

could you tell which strategy i used here? hint the battle lasted not even 10 seconds lol


Your moves:
Reserved 1
Attacked 3
Attacked 2, reserved 1
Attacked 5


that’s right…