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Tips: The Best Dinosaurs in JW:TG, by class

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The problem is that there is already a thread that is similar to this that presents the same information with a lot more to offer. Now, new dino threads are fine, as it presents a new idea, but before you make a thread, make sure to look around a bit and see if someone else already posted something similar to your idea. If so, find the post and type there. If there isn’t one, then you could post it if it’s relevant, helpful, a question about the game, or a new idea. But threads like this have already been created, and while new ideas are fine, again this thread idea has been created and used a lot. So maybe instead of doing what are the best dinos, try to find some new ones to create for the game, and use that has a thread idea.


Tropeogopterus is pretty terrible IMO, you would be better off with just about any tournament ptero at lvl 40 than this thing and a lvl 30 tape is only short a little attack over the lvl 40 Tropeo. JMO

You also failed to mention any meat shield dino that can be super useful like Therizino. A lvl 30 Therizino can be used with good success as a lead off dino in Dom league in tournaments.


Unless you were in a Super-Rare only PVE event with over-powered Amphibians…

Not saying it should be a priority, but I wouldn’t neglect it entirely either


I disagree, trope at 40 is perfect dom material and cheaper than tapejalosaur too (not saying it’s better) there are more hybrids with terrible stats to cost ratio than tropeogopterus diplotator, glythronax and ophiacomimus just to name some.

Microposaurus is the worst dino I hate it I don’t know why it’s weal it’s ugly

Just venting my frustration. I mean there are so many battle for survival events I have to do with only common Dino’s allowed.
And the last battle is a level 20 microposaurus

There’s a thread called vent your frustration

Sorry @Blacksaber i was pretty angry.
A great sorry.


I’m sorry @Therizino2.0 , I too behaved badly …


No, don’t worry.


Good guys!

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