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Tips to defeat the boss Lythronax

So for those which have reach the last step of the campagn,congratulation:
And for those who don’t;be patient,it require a huge work and upgrade of your teams!
Im actually stuck against this beast and i have no real clue.
I know chompers might be good against him but do you have others idea?

For those who don’t know:
it require ANYTHING lvl 28 at least.

and his stats are:
lord lythronax:Unique


nullyfying strike
long invincibility
defense shattering rampage
instant rampage

swap in defense shattering rampage (which you don’t care because he is alone)
counter attack (x1)

I went Thorad first - defence shattering impact + instant charge, provided Lord Lythro didn’t crit. Then I used indoraptor to get a cheeky armour piercing strike, followed by Tryk for one strike + counter then called in the rat to mop up the last 1200 HP :slight_smile:

I used indo Tenontorex and tryko. Indo evasive then dsr. Then tryko dss and counter. Tenontorex for the last hit.

If u somehow do have high level high boost renders, it would be a good option, cuz immunity prevents bleed but not rend

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whats your team look like?

I used Thor then Tryo. Thor used DSI then died to the counter. Tryo comes in RTC then DSR finished him off.

your tryo has t7 speed?

Lol I know. Yup