Tips to improve communication in raids

The problem I have when doing raids with my union is the little communication that exists and lack of tools for this. The emoticons are fine and the phrases I do not deny.

A tip is how we can change that emoticons, that there is also a tool outside the game that we can remove or add our phrases, I do not mean that we write our own phrases but that the game creates different types of phrases. Phrases for creatures that have lower or higher shields, phrases for creatures that have lower or priority healing, or phrases for creatures that can slow down, because the game is missing phrases for creatures that can use bleed, phrases for creatures that can camouflage or dodge. This can be saved if it includes a chat within the game by jumping from the application is Messeguer, Discord, Whattssap many times you have to be lucky so that the game allows you to attack and then jump from the application.

To avoid harming our friends because we have to jump by changing applications we have a tool that allows us to make a sequence of attacks such as a note with images of the skills. Better explain to me that there is a app JWA ToolBox within the game, not necessarily that the note of the sequence of skills can be saved in turn that once the raid is finished, the note disappears. because I think that if sequence strategy notes are saved within the game the game would weigh more.

Another tip is that due to the amount of creatures that the game has, we take longer trying to find the specific creature for the raid, I know that there is a good filter but I would like them to add a favorites section so that it only allows us to use the creatures that we frequent to do the raid .

Another tip is that they allow us to invite players who are not on our friends list. Since the list of friends has a limit to add people. This would be solved if you can invite people through a code like the game Amon Us or simply create alliances between guilds and through these alliances we have the list of all the participants of those guilds because many times new people enter the guild and it is a Odyssey dissolve the raid group and add the new member and I do this with migremio through Discord to communicate why we have alliances with other guilds.
Another tip to give a tool and this is just as good as inviting people using an invitation code. And this tip is to give helper or colider to another person within the raid group to invite other players. because it is another odyssey that as they do not have added the new member and another friend if the leader has to leave the group invite the new member and then the person who left the group because they do not have added the new member. Or allow us to transfer the group leader to invite members that we do not have on our friends list.

I would like in the future that within the raids the creatures that have abilities in exchange are useful within a raid and take advantage of their abilities in exchange. This could be achieved by allowing us to change our creature’s position.We know that the bosses of the raids can attack the creature that has the most damage or the minions, the boss that can often complicate the encounter and kill our healer.A creature in exchange could save many times the encounter killing that pesky minion who survived by changing position on the board. There could be abilities like exchange with taunt and stun, or damage reduction for an example. It would take better advantage of the creatures of the game and new strategies would emerge for players who do not have a very rare creature to create.

Another tip I don’t know if it can be done but many times within our guild we have players who have the creature we need, for example Mortem rex for raids but the problem is that our friend’s Mortem rex is too fast for the raid and instead Helping hurts the strategy I don’t know if the game can put a system that allows us to reduce especially the speed of our creatures within a raid. In many cases, when the creature is very fast, a healing cannot reach it. This helps that one who has a Mortem rex with the appropriate speed for the raid does not make the same incursion so many times that helping is not bad I do not complain but also people who want to help cannot do it because their creature is very fast.

Another tip in the raids we have a tool or list to know if our friend has managed to defeat the bosses or prioritize the members who failed to defeat the boss. all of this can be done before the raid begins.

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