Tips to Increase level

I’ve had Jurrasic Alive since it first came out. For whatever reason I can’t seem to level up faster. I’m on level 9. My highest level creature is a common velecoraptor level 15. I can’t get anyone to join my alliance and trying to get into an alliance is just as tough. I don’t play everyday but I play pretty often. Any suggestions??

I’m surprised you’re still level 9 if you’ve had the game since it first came out… All I can suggest is play more than what you have been. (Dart everything,do Strike Towers and level up Creatures… Just grind away… You’ll get there!! :slight_smile:)


Once you or your creatures get to level 17(I think) you can start multi-fusing your lesser- used creatures (ankylocodon/einasuchus) and it’ll make leveling up a lot quicker.

The only way to increase player level is to fuse and create creatures.

If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t going to get XP.

Nothing else (I’m aware of) gives XP.

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If you are still looking for an alliance to join, the Roseberryraptors have a single opening at the moment. We are a friendly alliance with no joining requirements and an easy going attitude to play, send a request and I will accept if you let me know your in game name before hand so I know I get the right person. Oh and by the way we average tier 5 or 6 most weeks on alliance missions!

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I recommend you take down every rare strike tower that comes. That’ll give you miscellaneous DNA you may use later, and the coins you’ll need to level things up later.

Joining an alliance is no small bonus. If you really want one and it’s hard to find one, it might pay off to go to Recent Opponents under your Friends tab and see what alliances they’re in. Even if it’s not a top alliance and you’re getting small-ish incubators off it, that’ll help you out a lot. Even if it’s only temporary, joining @Drewidian’s Roseberryraptors can give you a big boost.

If you get plenty of extra coins and you don’t need them to boost your military, pick some accessible hybrids (even if you don’t really care about them) and start getting ready to make them. Leveling creatures is how you level up. Leveling creatures up to around level 10 does not take many coins, and you’ll also get an XP boost (and a potential tournament warrior) when you complete the hybrid.

If you want advice on picking which hybrids to make, here’s a (1.12) tier list for you.

My name is AcSlayer93

Yes I’m constantly creating and fusing but it takes forever to level up.

Just needed an alliance is looking for people. Search us out and request to join.

What did you play one day a month? Lol

Fastest way to level up:

Level up dinos but don’t go past the point they evolve.

Fuse hybrid dna.

Max your coins everyday so you can do the above.

Shoot everything do you can do the above.

Grind daily.

It shouldn’t take 2 years.

I’ve hit level 20 in a year.

My alt team is just a few months and level 10.

We’re missing a part of the picture here. There is something you haven’t told us.

Daily player who darts everything, or weekly player that only darts certain creatures…

Two years to get to level 9? That just doesn’t compute.

March 14, 2018 was the release date for JWA. I started in August, 2018.


I mean there have been times I haven’t played in a couple of months, but still it shouldn’t have taken this long.

No I mean there are times I’d go a couple of months not playing but I just checked. I definitely started around the time they launched the game.

Well luckily for you now it’s way easier to level up and get rare dinos. There are alliances to get rewards from and request dna. Also sanctuaries to get more dna from. It’s not like in the beginning where you had to grind super hard. It’s much easier now. So those 3 things will also help you level up faster because you’ll get coins and dna.

TBH only took me several months as a daily player darting everything to get to 20… I don’t think this person is even playing once a week to be at that lvl since the game has been released

My Tip would be to definitely increase playing and darting time!