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Tips To Use Scents?

Where and when the best options to activate scent capsules with 1.7?

Is it for example, a good idea to activate epic scent in a place and time marked to supposedly spawns t-rex (like restaurants), if im looking for rex dna?

or its just random, and i can activate anytime anywhere?

Go to the local zone where your target epic belongs and use the scent there.
For example, if you want Sino, go to L3 and run a scent. If you want Erliko, go to L1.
I don’t know if I am right, using an epic scent on a day with epic event going on will have a chance of having more epic showing up. This is only my feeling.

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I don’t have a good tip. I just use mine when I’m home at night. It is always bad though. My 5 minute scent usually gives me 3 Suchomimus. I’m lucky to get anything else. Can’t complain because it’s a given I’ll get it but I don’t want to waste them and i get my direct hits and dna collected for alliance missions.

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Well, not being on the move is a really bad way to use scents. You need to move ~30 meters between spawns.

That will give you 2 spawns instead of one every 2 minutes.

Thus increasing your chance on other/better spawns (more rares/epics from rare/epic scents).


Do not use scents for nest spawns like rexs at restaurants… like daily migrations scents do not spawn nest spawns. Atleast from metahubs new article which is news to me but i cant say i ever used a scent to target a nest spawn.

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