Tips to win the Goat 🐐 epic strike towers


The only two dinosaurs that can win it … it’s thor and maxima …

Thor … HP must be at list 4700
Maxima … Hp must be at list 5200

Always start with thor and use the 1.5 x and then 2 x And then put maxima and use the 1.5 x first then finish it with 2 x …

So guys you must wait till he will do this move so it will be the only chance to win it …

So how you will know???

You just keep put thor first and do what I said and if the goat :goat: used the moves I show you in the pic so you win it …

Don’t worry I have won it on my 9 time try ok …

So don’t give up …

If it’s work for you as I said so do let me know guys


There’s also a way to do it with Thyla, Maxima/Gemini, and magna. Takes a few tries because it’s reliant on luck with the Goat’s moves.


Ya and Thylacotator will do more damage against it (if lucky anyway) then Thor could dream of lol

Always start with something immune or something that can cleanse. For me both times Goat started with SG (distracting move).

Man! So close!

All of that was 100% by marsupial lion.
Close again!

I will best you, I will.

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I did it on my second try using @Piere87 Guide. I only need to use a level 24 Thyla and Level 23 Dentis (both slightly boosted) to beat the goat. I got really lucky as both Thyla and Dentis crit. The rewards were average. I got 397 DNAs on Smildon, which is decent.

I put tenontorex in and he worked as a sacrifice

I beat it!!!

I used a level 22 unboosted Dentist and a 14 Marsupial loin :grin:


Mmm, lamb chops. Well, more like billy chops.


Yeah, either have high level boosted monsters and luck with crits and enemy AI


high level very specific creatures, luck with crits and enemy AI

Sorry but whoever thought that was fun must have a really weird sense of humor. Pray that the AI doesn’t use its one hit kill skill for whatever strange reason… no thank you. At least the retries could have been free, no?

The other April’s fool stuff was nice, but this one is just plain awful.

Thank you. That worked for me.

So you did it my way ???

How can Thor get his second attack (c2) off if he is not faster?

@Anish27 ^^

Did it with lvl 22 maxima (tier 2/2/1)lvl 21 geminititan (tier 3/2/1) and lvl 23 Thor (unboosted)
So in the end it all came down to either luck, RNG or the zombie feeling sorry for me :joy:


I have played it 5 times before i won it … so he will definitely use this attack so it will be your only chance to win it … it’s better you use a powerful armor perching dinosaurs…image

Nobody actually beats the goat. The goat eventually lets u win. After 4 tries he finally let me. :rofl:


I beat it with Maxima and Thor as well. If you use Decel with Maxima, the goat is likely to heal to cleanse it, letting you rampage for more damage. Then it often uses the not oneshot attack, letting you decel again and repeat, then Thor comes in to kill. Also brought Gemini and Thyla. Thyla need a LOT of hp to not get one shotted by last move.

I beat goat 30 on 1st try thanks to Diloreich advices : I used maxima 23, geminititan 21 unboosted and thor 26 boosted (4515 1806 131). Maxima and gem decelarated goat, then hit it with big anti armor strike, and were killed , goat had 2700 HP left and was still decelarated, si thor was faster and could kill goat on its 1st hit.

I try to kill the goat again and again but I can’t.
This case just makes for me to lose one’s head.
Please someone who give advice know for this to me.
I be waiting for feedback from someone.